Welcome, WEL-come WELCOME ! As the season approaches for Rockin’ the Equinockin’ Mad Matt and the Demented Doc have spun into movieland, concerts and special band discussion. They’re in the mood, but thankfully not in the NUDE for the upcoming BIG EVENT !Travesty Davis-ty sits in as a special guest and informed consultant on local bands, Otis own group, Claim Your Enemy

IT’s only fair becuz that magical metal melange has climbed into special status and high ranking in a respected and well recognized music web presence ! We take a gander and a long listen as Trav tells us all about it, and runs through nine band line-up of Rock the Equinox ! (It’s actually on September 22 this year, so be vernally if not eternally prepared !

We’re full of vigor, vim and memories of another V.V. of whom we held much love. 😞 😞 Here’s to you Tegan and Company. We miss you guys.
It’s another rock’em sock’em until you Equinock-’em night with the Dynamic Dude-Os. Plus one. With discussion about music documentary favorites and the like. WE BE DJAMMin’ it tooo-NIGHT-awww !


DJMM 7-19-2018 Blue Bayou

What’s your favorite Linda Ronstadt song? Okay, now Roy Orbison? Same song?? Then you HAVE arrived at the kee-rect podcast ! Tonite, Doc and MadMan cuss and discuss the latest and the lastest on Oklahoma’s SQ 788 and how some folks just can’t take YES for an answer. A few words on the good ship MayPop, aka, Goodyear Blimp and her appearance in the skies over Tim Hall’s chicken barns. There’s more talk about new bike racks, Mary Fallin, President Trump and balloons shaped like babies, castles, toasters, pigs and more. DJoin us tonite for DJAMM, cuz we’re soooooo good ! DJAMMIN’ it tonight !


DJMM 7-12-2018 Darlin

“Darlin’… I’m feelin’ pretty lonesome… I’d call you on the phone some, but I don’t have a dime… ” Oh for the days when there were phones that took dimes… or when there were phones that just made calls… and were fastened to poles on the street. MadMan picks the gee-tar tonite while Doc wails out a favorite from a Scotsman with a weird hat. Tonight we re-visit the word “weird” and why we think of people who are no longer in our lives. We remember and discuss silly customs that involve knocking the soup out of someone for looking at the circle your fingers make and riding Vespa scooter with a minner bucket, a cane pole, and a grandpa driving. What a world and life we’ve been given to be able to form such memories. Thanks to the service folks who make it all possible; those who made it home, and those who didn’t. DJAMM IT tonight, folks ~ ! DJAMM !

DJMM 7-4-2018 Happy Birthday USA

Happy Belated Fourth, DJAMM Patriots !! Tonite, MadMan Matt and Dr. Jefe talk a little about this one thing, and that other thing. And then there’s THAT thang… perhaps they sing… perhaps they sang… perhaps they do that other THANG! There’s quite a bit of talk about food, again… and sweets, and how peppers can make a body think and the mind race. We talk about dogs and the things they do, and different ways we choose to turn ourselves back to the earth. Hoyt Axton, Three Dog Night and how bands get together, perhaps stay together, but probably don’t. We visit a bit about eclectic folks, that one dude, Mexican food, and why we should keep our animals outside…All this and why we should keep our animals fed and OUTSIDE, ‘specially if we’re feeling just a little under the weather. SO much more, but DJAMMIT with it all ! DJAMMIN’ TOO-Nite !!!

DJMM 6-28-2018 Tandoori Blues with Copenhagen Shuffle to come

Copenhagen Shuffle. No, it isn’t what happens when you step barefoot onto the sidewalk in Stillwater. Nor is it just a city in Denmark. Doc and MadMan have been at the creative drawing board again… this time scuplting words into lyrics. However, you don’t get to listen to this magical musical mayhem… yet. 😛 Catch tonite’s take on the new legislation allowing use of Medical MaryJane in the Sooner State, and the proverbial can of lethargic worms it proposes. We also discuss the Trump Admins attempt to un-do the mess at the southern border in order to re-unite the kiddos with their “criminally inclined” parents. MadMan favors you, Bold Listener, with some luscious licks of his Magical Martin, and the pair share a couple dozen laughts about Pinchers, puppies, purses, prizes and preparations for 420 Salves. WE BE DJAMMIN’ IT TONITE ! DJAMM, JUNE 28, 2018.


DJMM 6-21-2018 The Destination

When’s the last time somebody looked at your feet and yelled, “SHARRRRKK!!” ? Well it happened right here, Gentle Listener, on Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan ! The mannerly and multi talented young men of The Destination paid us a visit and favored our listener-ship with a variety of new tunes, crafted in their young hearts and perfected under teenage finger picking. Members Chase Prince, Isaac Williams and “Destroyer” Lytle did dangerous duty with us in DJAMM Studios on South Broadway. The talk ranged from ancient Native American Treasures, concerts on the beach and – yup, you guessed it, – socks. Socks with Sharks. Socks with American Motifs and socks with, well… less than pleasant airs about them. Doc and Madd Matt enjoyed the Townies with their three piece band. It’s good to watch these boys grow into young men, their confidences and personalities show with each passing performance. VISIT US AT, and download tonight’s Destination ditties ! WE BE DJAMMIN’, I’m telling ya !


DJMM 6-14-2018 Gracie Graces Us Tonight

Gracie Murrell Graces Us Tonight on the DJAMM Show! We talk about the less traveled on Baton Rouge Audubon Bridge (we always learn something here folks),  Gracie Stories and her summer plans and past travels to New York and being on Good Morning America…Whoa! Yes I just said that! Madman fills in on Gracie’s beautiful version of “FLY” !!! We scarfed down some Street Style Tacos from Stiglers new little Kim’s Tacos, and let me tell ya Mild means HOT! Join us for some picking and grinning and all out easy going entertainment!!! DJAMMIT!

DJMM 6-7-2018 National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

What size life jacket does your dog wear? What about your favorite AM radio station? No, you say? Okay… what about naming the album which charted in America for over 800 weeks? Here’s a hint: It’s NOTHING by anyone who’s on the charts today, or even anything they own. Join MadMan and the Mad Doc as they take a stroll down the lanes of yesteryear… wishing and sometimes washing the windows of memory, and dredging up the finer memories of life in a simpler time. It’s Two-Way radios, carbide generators, call letters and the Hog Scraper Stomp ! We be DJAMMIN’ it hard tonite ! – DJAMM, June 7, 2018.

DJMM 5-31-2018 Chug-A-Lug

“It’s time to play the music ! It’s time to Chug-A-Lugg ! ” What could be more wholesome than Roger Miller and the Muppets? Why, a song about under age drinking would, of course ! Okay… maybe not… but lots of us had our first taste of the forbidden tonic at an earlier than legal age. Roger gave us a glimpse into what those years were like when alcohol wasn’t bad for your, and it was funny for school kids to take wine to the FFA trip.
Or… maybe not. 😕 At any rate, Doc and the Madman ding out a ditty about just some things in the Roger Miller classic, “Chug a Lug”, … or at least the DJAMM version of the hit from 1964. We talk about the Muppets, Past Nearest Present, if not the Future of the greatest ensemble of animated bath mats and pingpong balls ever assembled. Although Jim Henson has been absent from his creations for some decades now, his legacy and spirit thrive in the form of those funny, fuzzy and often funky characters the world loves ! Which Muppet is your favorite?? Find out which ones made the DJAMM Hall of Fame ! WE BE DJAMMIN’ ON SESAME STREET, A’ LA SOUTH BROADWAY, STIGLER-STYLE ~