DJMM episode 190 fast train to georgia

I been to two goat ropin’s and a county fair and I ain’t never heard nothin’ like it ! Yessir … it’s a wonder any one of us will make it to heaven at all after seein’ the likes of what we’ve witnessed ! To-nite, DJ and MM wend their country hearts through a Billy Joe Shaver Fa-Vo-rite. “I been to Georgia on a Fast Train.”

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The Dynamite Dreadnoughts talk about shopping online, the perils of wearing false teeth and all the things a person could possibly dream up when living in a small town. Stick with us as we contemplate the needs, wants, desires and ample attitudes of two everyday Super Heroes going about their wondrous everyday lives. It’s a thrill every ten seconds of every minute times one tonite for DJ and MM: Featuring Phyllis Diller, Buckminster Fuller, Groucho Marx and Topo Gigio . TONITE… we be DJAMMIN’ !! -DJMM

DJMM episode 167 Midnight Rider & Sap is Rising

The Allman Brothers rocked the South

The Osmond Brothers too

Greg bred Cher for Elijah Blue

And Donnie did … what say you?

Tonight’s gig is a rambling tour through the seventies rock scene with a tip to the Duane Allman. Even tho MadMan has his slide in the shop, we still manage a short wail along the trail of the Midnight Rider. We give a sweet nod to the upcoming beautiful spring we’re having in Oklahoma… and wonder how some folks still manage to keep their drivers licenses.

Stay with us and don’t do anything we wouldn’t, but you’ll have to listen to find out what that is !


DJMM episode 166 Tiny Bubbles

The Bubble Bard himself. Lawrence Welk be damned !

SONNY: ” How’s your Hibiscus, Granny?”

GRANNY: “Well, it’s bloomin’ right big, but it’s not smellin’ right.”

When cars were bigger than most bedrooms and burned more gas than a chain of Mexican restaurants could generate. When men wore Hawaiian shirts in public without shame, and Dad Jokes were considered poor taste. When patriots saluted the flag and knew the 50 states by heart; everyone knew Don Ho. During the whorling madness that developed into 1970s America, Don Ho was a living legend. A native Hawaiian himself, he was a staple on the Honolulu night club circuit and his signature song, Tiny Bubbles, was on the novelty play list of every variety show host, comedian and entertainer in the world. It was estimated that Don sang his personal anthem more than 100,000 times in his long and storied career, and the champagne it immortalized went on to set its own solid place in party history. Tonight, Doc and MadMan whoop their brand of Okie Tusk on Don Ho’s favorite ditty, and discuss the nature of world politics, episode count and the upcoming Okie Tusk Festival to be held May 11 at the Haskell County Courthouse lawn. Be there or be uncool, mere mortals. For DJAMM will ride and rail that night on site with The Destination, all right ! DJAMM it to heck !

DJMM 3-20-2019 Doctor My Eyes

Tonight, MadMan and the Doc rock to a tune known to those who romped through the wild and rowdy 70’s. Jackson Browne did more than run on empty or sing about his roadies, and this tune is a favorite, penned when he was only 17 ! Can you imagine? MadMan says the only thing he could write when he was seventeen was a note from his mother getting him out of school ! We do the normal jaw about our everyday wishes, and wonder about what might have been in another dimension, or in another dementia. Come visit with us during this tribute to the Fog Hat generation; when bell bottoms and puka shells reigned and deodorant was just coming into its own. We be DJAMMin’ it tonight !

DJMM 3-7-2019 50 ways to leave your lover

By bus, by train, by passenger plane… ya gotta leave sometime.

I won’t repeat myself… at the risk of being crude there must be… fifty other things we mentioned in the span of half an hour. Are you addicted to BIG BLOCKS? ! Better still, do you even know what a BIG BLOCK IS!!?? LOL. Drop off the bus, Gus and discuss much with US. DJAMMIN’ it to Paul Simon tonight !