DJMM 6-14-2018 Gracie Graces Us Tonight

Gracie Murrell Graces Us Tonight on the DJAMM Show! We talk about the less traveled on Baton Rouge Audubon Bridge (we always learn something here folks),  Gracie Stories and her summer plans and past travels to New York and being on Good Morning America…Whoa! Yes I just said that! Madman fills in on Gracie’s beautiful version of “FLY” !!! We scarfed down some Street Style Tacos from Stiglers new little Kim’s Tacos, and let me tell ya Mild means HOT! Join us for some picking and grinning and all out easy going entertainment!!! DJAMMIT!

DJMM 6-7-2018 National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

What size life jacket does your dog wear? What about your favorite AM radio station? No, you say? Okay… what about naming the album which charted in America for over 800 weeks? Here’s a hint: It’s NOTHING by anyone who’s on the charts today, or even anything they own. Join MadMan and the Mad Doc as they take a stroll down the lanes of yesteryear… wishing and sometimes washing the windows of memory, and dredging up the finer memories of life in a simpler time. It’s Two-Way radios, carbide generators, call letters and the Hog Scraper Stomp ! We be DJAMMIN’ it hard tonite ! – DJAMM, June 7, 2018.

DJMM 5-31-2018 Chug-A-Lug

“It’s time to play the music ! It’s time to Chug-A-Lugg ! ” What could be more wholesome than Roger Miller and the Muppets? Why, a song about under age drinking would, of course ! Okay… maybe not… but lots of us had our first taste of the forbidden tonic at an earlier than legal age. Roger gave us a glimpse into what those years were like when alcohol wasn’t bad for your, and it was funny for school kids to take wine to the FFA trip.
Or… maybe not. 😕 At any rate, Doc and the Madman ding out a ditty about just some things in the Roger Miller classic, “Chug a Lug”, … or at least the DJAMM version of the hit from 1964. We talk about the Muppets, Past Nearest Present, if not the Future of the greatest ensemble of animated bath mats and pingpong balls ever assembled. Although Jim Henson has been absent from his creations for some decades now, his legacy and spirit thrive in the form of those funny, fuzzy and often funky characters the world loves ! Which Muppet is your favorite?? Find out which ones made the DJAMM Hall of Fame ! WE BE DJAMMIN’ ON SESAME STREET, A’ LA SOUTH BROADWAY, STIGLER-STYLE ~


DJMM 5-10-2018 Ashes of Love

“Ashes of love, cold as ice,” Doc and the MadMatt take a swag at a Buck Owens classic… or was it the Highwaymen? Beach Boys? You tell us ! It’s our weekly cover, the number of which is growing each week. We find a special treat from Little Miss Murrell, and her friend Zana, as well as a bunch of country classics from the Dauntless Ditty Vault. We visit a tad about this and that, but mostly talk about the upcoming Duck Regatta at Roye Park, the growing groundswell of interest in disc golf and the good folks who are helping make it all possible. Thanks to you, Gentle Listener… we’re gaining on three years and over 130 episodes ! DJAMM WITH US TONITE !


DJMM 5-3-2018 Horse with no Name

Well,… remember the last time you had an off-day? When you just couldn’t get the words to your favorite cover song to come together? When it was getting too late to play a regular podcast, so you put together a great one just by telling favorite stories? No?! Welll,.. um… US NEITHER ! LOL Tonight MadMan Matt Mayo and the Mad Doctor himself take a gander at old stories they may have forgotten about themselves. Stories about dirty birds doing dirty things to ill mannered spouses and the like ! Also look to uas for another insertion of a favorite cover of “Horse With No Name” by America… but this one’s from DJAMM ! Take an hour to relax and listen to our greatest hits, our favorite stories and some lemony snack wrappers ! We be DJAMMIN TONITE !!


DJMM 4-20-2018 LIVE from Beaver Mountain

Doc’s close friend an partner in fun MadMan Matt Mayo heads up the professional musician’s role in this week’s installment of Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan ! We do our own rendition of “You Don’t Mess Around with Jim” LIVE from Beaver Mountain ! We love living in this great country, not to mention the GREAT “country” part of it, as in ‘rural places’. Gotta Love Oklahoma ! We take a gander and the long amazing life of America’s Grandmother, the late Barbara Bush. With her pearls, wholesome values and grandmotherly demeanor, “Bar'” gave the world a look at what simple elegance should be as hostess for the country’s greatest manse, first lady to one President and mother to another two term Chief Exec. We also visit a bit about our seated Prez, his lovely wife and the amazing aplomb with which she faces each day. Visit with us tonight as we work through our own issues, sing, pick and joke through another week’s worth of …nothing in particular, but a LOT of fun! We be DJAMMIN’ IT TONITE. LIVE FROM BEAVER MOUNTAIN !


DJMM 4-12-2018 King of the Road

Whisperin’ Dr. Jeffrey croaks out a favorite by Roger Miller on this week’s DJAMM, while MattMadMayo eats up the Martin up front ! We talk about our illustrious President Zuckerberg and his minions as they face the inquisitors in D.C. Is it evil at its greatest, or just a new and supposedly better business model? At any rate, the lawmakers up there this week are certainly Corn-fusticated about Markie Z’s intent, his direction and just what the heck it is he is doing. MadMan and his sidekick also talk bout the continuing school funding saga, local education bond issues and… well… packrats, alley cats and raccoons. If you’re interested in hearing two friends hash it out, or if you’d like to join in on the fray, tune in tonite and give us a holler. WE BE DJAMMIN’ IT !!