DJMM 12-7-2017 Diner Lingo

Kind’er like my old bluetick hound
I like to lay around in the shade
I ain’t got no moneyyy but I damsho got it maaade !

Who are Adam and Eve and why are they on a raft anyways? What bout this dog, ;painted red… and why is puddin’ nervous??

Doc and MadMan face these timeless questions plus why we need to cruel to be kind, but in the right measure. Charlie Daniels and the guys loan us a ditty from their long haired country boy favorites. We also pay special tribute to the fallen heroes of 70-odd years ago at Pearl Harbor and visit about various and assundried other favorites around and about town. Thanks for your listening patronage good and gentle listener. Merry Christmas to all and to all… something or ‘nother !


DJMM 11-30-2017 Sluggin & Buggin

A haiku for you
hits home in Oklahoma
Listen, Laugh, learn, LIVE !
On this SPECIAL EDITION DJAMM, the undisputed Princes of Okie Tusk mix nonsense with MadMan’s considerable tech savvy. The concern tonight? Whe’r or not Net providers have a right to censor our sensible internet prowlings.
In other words, Internet ain’t soon gonna be what it was. Net Neutrality? Are you gonna be, or Be naught?
Slugz n Bugz n turtles in flight
Creepies and crawlies what go bump in da night…
Graphic novels in hovels and artists a-draw; Maus-es and Spendor and pizza , yee haw ! Talk about turkeys and puppies and long lost manners
Co-hosts now fired, good riddance Perv Pests. Hope you find a good box for your desk. RIP GOMER !!


DJMM 11-16-2017 Gypsies, Giants and Jammin’ Again !

Hey ! Has anybody seen my Sweet Gypsy Rose? Who exactly ARE the gypsies anyway, and what do they do? Where did they come from? Do we know any? Doc and the MadMan discuss all of these things, including their history, their DNA make up, what they do and have done for a living and their rich and varied MUSICAL traditions and abilities ! For the Slam Fam Fans around tonite, we talk about the One and Only Great Andre the Giant and his massive paws. Casts of the big man’s hands, along with many others are scattered across the globe along with the legends of his super human exploits in the ring, on the barstool and sometimes even at the beach ! We sing a little Eagle song tonight, but not the Tony Orlando ditty we teased you with. lol. So hang in there, and give us a listen. ONE hour a day will make your long day more and more tolerable at work, home or in solitary confinement. DJAMM it when you CAN ! 


DJMM 11-9-2017 Living on Tulsey Time!

Tonight is a special night for DJAMM; an evening of firsts. It’s the night we begin our show with covers of favorite artists, tonight’s being “TULSA TIME” by Don Williams. We celebrate the work and life of the Gentle Giant himself, a reluctant superstar. We also think about the feasts and fowl of Thanksgiving, the coming Christmas season, and the interesting jobs either of us may have had, thought of having, or could never do. Join us tonight as we wail in the wake of Don’s passing; not actual woeful screeching, but our rendition of that country anthem that added a little more to the rural lore of our fair state. Join us tonight as we talk about the Mad Fam’s visit to Tinker AFB‘s air and space museum, have a bite of our favorite calzone from Total Express in Big Stig and back off just to jaw and reflect on a week, a life, a perspective of the world rarely seen outside of the podcast fantastical ! DJAMM IT, good folks !


DJMM 11-2-2017 Millennials- Nothing left but popcorn sacks and wagon tracks

There is an old tale goes something like this: A team of anthropologists are searching through some ancient ruins in the desert when they come across a tablet with some indecipherable runes written on it. So they took the rock tablet back to London and ran it through their best teams of experts, and after years of study, countless hours of research, it was determined that the tablet was six thousand years old and was written in
a tongue known to be unique to mothers and fathers of the day. It’s message? “Kids today ! The world is going to hell in a handbasket if they’re left to run it ! “
Now while Doc and MadMan may have taken a bit of license in the telling, this story is supposed to be mostly true, and yes, these thousands of years later, we’re STILL saying it about OUR kids !
MadMan’s own Mad Mia is an especially bright and talented child in her own right, and while we have no doubt that she will wind up doing a great job in the White House someday, she too is one of that infamous group of texting, gaming, slacking, never hacking kids we know now as the M’s. DJAMM takes a hard gander at this group tonight, the things they love, despise and all those things that make them unique and wise. We also think about a Haskell County Native, Chris O’Dell of Keota fame and her amazing life with John, Paul, Gio and Ringo during their heady years as the Fab Four. Leon Russell wrote a song about her – SO DID GEORGE HARRISON ! It all proves one thing: She was there, with the hair, mops, singles, bangles and all ! Dinner with Yoko, coffee with ‘The Mops.” It’s all there in her bio, “Miss Odell”. Check out these things and others with us on DJAMM’s November 2, 2017 version. WE BE DJMAMMIN!!

DJMM 10-26-2017 XS Two One Niner…Alrighty Then!

How high does a bird fly? How low is the ground? Would your wings break if you flew higher than the sky? How does the toughest eagle sound?
Well, we MAY not answer any of these questions on tonight’s podcast, but we do talk about a local teen’s passion for war planes, and an area native’s own collection of planes, helicopters and… well, everything.
Tonight, MadMan’s daughter Mad Mia joins us and schools the world on the armaments and speeds of a number of the world’s historic fighting raptors. Special guest Stephen Fioretti graciously stops by with his encyclopedic knowledge of our area’s aviators, airplanes and whirlybirds he has known. Tis’ a blast, to be gassed by a jet plane from the past ! Check us out tonight with MadMan and the Doc. We Be DJAMMin’ on the fly, NO LIE !!! DJAMM IT TONIGHT !!!

DJMM 10-19-2017 Lahey Tribute a Yellow-jacket and Truck-driving

IT seems to happen too often. We watch a beloved TV character on one evening of relaxing, then discover the next morning he or she has passed on. Actor John Dunsworth who played the lovable lush Lahey on TV’s Trailer Park Boys passed away on Wednesday according to family members. Doc and the MadMan say a heart felt goodbye to the man behind the man who kept Ricky in line, Bubbles in his storage building and Randy in cheeseburgers. RIP, Leahy. We gon’ miss you.
Tonight we also talk about the old cars from TPB, the ever bulky and timeless mid-1970s Chrysler New Yorkers. IN the same vein, we chat a bit about other old gaz gusslers of that excessively consumptive era and take a peek into the world of long haul truckers. All those things and MadMan’s latest jam on the intro and outro of our great show. Join us for a laugh tonight ! DJAMMin’ with Me and MadMan ! BE SWEET!!!


DJMM 10-12-2017 Claim Your Enemy

Yo… Well, turn out the lights… the party’s over. They say that all good things must end… BUT only til next year !

Rock the Equinox 2017 spun off this year with a half dozen great bands and an exponential number of great rock and roll fans. Tonight,MadMan and The Doc host three members of Claim Your Enemy who capped last Saturday’s performances with their spot on, hard rockin, skin bangin’ brand of alternative metal.

We also talk a little about pro wrestling, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, physicist, erstwhile wrestler and theoretical … something or another…

Drop in and listen as we plan a bit for next year, hit on the performances from this year and do one last tribute to the Late Great Tom Petty. IT’s this week’s version of DJAMM and we’re ALL OVER IT !!! – DJAMM!


DJMM 10-4-2017 Getting Ready to Rock The Equinox

Recipe for a great weekend: Find a dog, a couple of band moms, a “bam-ily” dinner and some die hard rock fans. Okay… not take them to the coolest little lake in Oklahoma. Not too big, not too small, beautiful setting. Now, bring a few hundred friends, some cool guitars and your most talented buddies with their love interests and mix them all together. Whatdya got ! ?? Rock the Equinox this weekend at Lake John Wells in Stigler ! Scorned, Solidify, Switchbach, Claim Your Enemy, Reliance Code & Vague Vendetta are all coming with their fan contingent to support, cheer on their friends and watch Fall take ahold of our fair segment of Oklahoma ! Also we say goodbye to a Rock legend… observe a moment of reverence for those affected most deeply by the Vegas shootings and talk a little bit about old police cars. We be Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan, Baybeeee ! YEAHHH !!!! DJAMMITT ~~!!!