DJMM 12-27-2018 Flipping for a Living

We reach out to our flipping Hero The Rockstar Flipper (Charismatic Entrepenuer and Ebay master) , after we watch his inspiring you tube live show we discuss the idea of making a living Flipping for a Living! What a way to wrap up the year! See ya’ll next year! DJMM out!

DJMM 12-20-2018 Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

We kick off this week with our own special blues cover of Rudolph the Red Nosed Rein Dude ! We promise you’ll never lead a sleigh the same weigh after todeigh. Ar ar ar ! 😉 Along with our normal thought provoking jaw work, we work hard to make sure you have a Merry Christmas and the Happiest Annuo Nuevo! What does that mean? Dunno, someone said it to MadMan at Taco Bueno yesterday. This wonderful yuletide week, we take a look at the top ten Guitarists, and glance back into 2018 of those precious ones we lost! Merry Christmas! We wish everyone a Peaceful Ramedan, a joyous Kwanzaa, Happy Hannukah, or whatever doesn’t offend you! DJMM out!

DJMM 12-13-2019 TV Dinners

Enchiladas. Teriaki. Cordon Bleu… yeahhhh… What flava is your fave TV Din-din? Ours is ZZ TOP !! Yuppers… MadMan and the Mad Doc twist off, rear back, jump up and shell out a classic cover from that Little Band From Texas… Daaayyyyummm them boyzz can make a lotta noise for three boys !! So what else are we up to… ? Oh yeah… we mourn the loss of our favorite cartoonist and Marvel legend. Stan Lee. Doc was out in the dark regarding the legend’s death, but openly ranted at the universal hole it’s left Top Pop culture. The Mad One himself reveals the latest in our creative efforts. It’s truly amazing to us that we’ve managed to put together a full length digital album featuring all the covers and original songs we’ve belted during the last 52 weeks. So tune in, jump on, listen up and get DOWN to this week’s DJAMM D Rants. It’s worth your time and dollars, DJAMMIT !! – DJ and MM.

DJMM 12-6-2018 Guns, Trains and Window Panes

We start out with a discussion of guns, then the Bush train and wrap it up with some talk of window pane, not the kind that make things look funny, but the experiences we had with high winds and big windows…just two ole boys from southeast Oklahoma having a real conversation about life! 3 years running Don’t forget to search DJMM on iTunes if you would like to subscribe! 

DJMM 11-29-2018 Etiquette

After a short hiatus from the grueling podcast world, Doc and MadMan return with a celebration of etiquette, new friends and sponsors. That’s right. They answer the time-honored question, “What’s the classiest way to pass off a fart in public?” Yep, we tackle the hardest and the Fardest questions one could possibly conjure. We also begin a review of 2018’s finest musical efforts, and discuss the loss of our longtime idol Roy Clark. A hint at what’s coming for the Christmas podcasts follows and then a complete surprise: We reveal the proper hand one should use to wave, and also answer, “Salt? Pepper? Both?” Yeah, folks, it just don’t get no swankier than these fellers. All this and free tickets to see Carol Channing fight Mike Tyson ! DJAMM it, DJAMMERS !!

FALL BREAK SPECIAL: Stress on the Rich RE-Visited !! :)

On a short Fall Break, MadMan and the Doc reach back into the episode sack and bring out a favorite from 2016 ! Stress on the Rich hit us hard, and we remember well. So you guys enjoy ! DJAMM IT HARD !!  Who says that only L.A. and NYC are the best places for music in America? Obviously some grossly misinformed people who haven’t heard Stress on the Rich !

Three members of Stress on the Rich, a young Fort Smith, AR band rocked our socks with their acoustic chops on Friday, July 29th ! WOW, what a micro-set they hit us with.
Lead guitarist Dillon Taylor with Dillon Yother on acoustic bass and Travis Taylor on vocals, brought it TO US in DJAMM studios; playing no less than four of their original songs and teasing us with another ! I say again, WOW ! Doc and the MadMan were alternately choked up with emotion, recovering from cold chills and set back in their studio chairs as these impressive, talented and “together” young folks worked hard.
The guys were so blown away, they didn’t even bother to banter their usual “hows it goin’ ” dialogue. That’s correct; the entire show was dedicated to the music of these four friends who boast their own recording studio and over 60 collectible guitars. OH, and lest one forget, their ages added together wouldn’t equal the speed limit on I-40.
In a special emotional segment, SOTR presented a song they wrote about the late Jarrett Chord Chapman, a Stigler Kindergarten student who succumbed in 2015 after a battle with a rare form of brain tumor. The song, Drive that Train, begins about 51 minutes into the podcast, and appears on the group’s first EP which is named by title in the show.
Tune in for this week’s show and know that music is made here in the foothills of the Ozarks !
Keep it coming, guys! We loved having you!
Be sure to check out the Rock the Equinox FB page and read the growing list of sponsors who are making this groundbreaking event possible ! See it here:
DJ and MM

DJMM 11-9-2018 Food, Foliage and Fun!

Whats new on the DJAMM front? Well, it’s Food, Foliage, Fun and Funky Friends, FRIENDS ! MadMan and the Doc vent a tad about road trips and bad food, beautiful leaves on the trees and our favorite types of chewing gum, grapefruit seeds and PIzza from Total Express. ! A special shout out to our friends Donnie and Vera who are in Little Rock during Donnie’s chemotherapy barrage. We love you guys ! MadMan talks a bit about his upcoming vaycay, MadMama up in Stillwater and Ahsoka the Wonder Pin. Doc has his own ideas about elections, politicians and why some people should never be allowed to procreate. All this stuff, and funny stories BOUT PEOPLE YOU’VE NEVER MET !!! WE BE DJAMMIN, SO DJAMM IT HARD !!

DJMM 11-1-2018 Red Roses for a Blue Lady

We talk about old restaurants in town which have gone down by the wrecking machine and all the butts that those booths must have seen. A hundred thousand, the count surely be; when it’s all added up, what a greasy mess ’twill be ! What’s in the word of a man with a drum? Will he lie to save face, or tell truth and lose some? Or a dude with a gee-tar and a man with two sticks; can they sing Osmond sweetness, and twang Page’s licks? We talk of good pizzas, bad heartburn and bars; and hope for some Rolaids to put out the fires. So is our tale of this Halloween’s past. So DJAMM it, Good Listener, and DJAMM it FAST !!

DJMM 10-25-2018 Whistling through the Graveyard

Mary, Mary… Marry ME ! When is the last time you took the time to write down a poem? What about song lyrics? No? Okay, what about just a joke that you thought was so funny you hadda save it for later? Still nothing, eh? Well tune in tonight and listen to D and MM for a glimpse into the tired but still supple brains of the DeadHead Duet ! We take a moment to salute Halloween,and talk bout the importance of Neewollah in Independence. if you’re blanking out on the description, then you need to catch what we say about Freddy Mercury. A somber reemembrance is in order for the man who coined the phrase “MicroSoft”, then went on to make a cool $28 Billion on the company. Paul Allen died this week of lymphoma. He was 65. Too young, but we have a hard time feeling sorry for a billionaire, eh?! Keep watch as we spin out a ditty called “Whistling Through the Graveyard”, or “Mary, Mary, Marry ME !”. We’ve worked for hours getting it just right so that you can pass it on to future generations of DJAMMERS ! Don’t be uncool, stay with us tonite for MadMan’s MindBlowers and a taste of the magnificent, the rare, and exquisite. DJAMM yourself or regret it for… a week ! LOL – DJAMM