DJMM 10-4-2018 Hey Good Looking

Which came first, the cigarette or the match? What about the lighter? What about the car Hank Williams died in? Who drove it for him? We answer some of these important, Life affirming questions and many many more with our Hey Good Lookin’ episode of Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan. Once again two middle aged men probe the depths of wonder and amazement that is / are the burgeoning leaders of tomorrow. Yes, friends and neighbors, we make the statement,” KIDS TODAY! WHAT THE HECK IS UP WITH THEM??” Respect the upcoming leaders of tomorrow as we do, we still fear for the continuation of democracy. After all, who can run a country if they can’t conjugate a verb, or write in long hand?? This, some Hank Williams song sung OUR style and so much more intellectual convo on Dr. Jeffery and the MadMan. WE BE DJAMMIN’ !!


DJMM 9-27-2018 Ee He o He o Cowboy

It rained. We Rocked. You missed it. Your fault. This week. We sing. You’ll like it. Don’t miss it. Your fault. Brett Kavanaugh. Yes? No? Maybe… ? Senate votes. Thumbs up, he’s In. For Life. Thumbs down, he’s out. For ever. Christine Ford. Not a Doctor. Just a teacher. Scared to death. So immature. She’s 52. Not 15. If he did it, he deserves worse. If he didn’t it won’t get better. For either. Tune in. Very wordy. MadMan jams. I sing. We’re COOL ! Be DJAMMIN” – djmm


As Sir Isaac Newton once said after the apple fell on his P.C., ” Forecast calls for ROCK this weekend!” You got it, boys and girls, they Third Annual Rock the Equinox Concert is happening this weekend in Stigler at the mighty and majestic Lake John Wells near Stigler. And, as you might guess, Doc and the MadMan have plenty to say about it . After a rundown of the bands, the food, the folks and the fun, the Dastardly Duo depart on a journey leading through the magical land of fun, including Crap we Found Online, MadMan’s Mind Blowers and Wive’s Tales No Wife Will Want. Tune in to the podcast and learn a whole lot more than you ever cared to know about katydids, the guillotine, hangover cures and what else may ail ye ! We be DJAMMIN’ this WEEKEND at LJW !!


DJMM 9-13-2018 Fallsy Ballsy

Okay English sticklers, which is the proper term: an old wife’s tale, an old wive’s tale, an old wives’s tale, or a huge pile of horse apples? If you guessed any of them, you’re right ! Actually, it’s wive’s tale, alluding to gossip coming from old ladies, which everyone KNOWS never happens. So, it’s sort of a self-describing irony. But… to digress… TONIGHT, Doc and the MadMan discuss the ponder the points of platitudes, tell tales, truths and bona fide B.S. to sort out what old wives tales really are, er… is… or…shoot a monkey. We also take a look at the first installment of MadMan’s Mind Blowers which range from the first, the last, and the only, to the always, the never, and the perhaps. You just best tune in to find out. We also christen Jimbo the Djimbe, awakening the spirit of this African drum made in Thailand. Yessirs and ma’ams… we have begun a gen U wine international incident in the percussion section at DJAMM ! Rock with us tonite, for the Equinox is but a FortNight hence ! WE BE DJAMMIN!!

DJMM 9-6-2018 The Chuck Hut

Once again, The Destination is the beginning and the end of the evening, with Chase, Michael, Isaac and Dylan jamming it down in the Chuck Hut. Yup, you can bet that Doc and the MadMan were smiling for hours afterwards as those energetic lads favored us with some Cross Canadian Ragweed and toyed with the idea of building a song out of some Grateful Dead Licks ! We stroll down the tune laded path laid by Stratocaster and Gibson, Cajon, egg shaker and Ibanez bass. It was a jamfest fit for an Equinox-ial warmup… which it IS ! Yep, this is announcing that the lads from Hwy 9 West will favor us with their best on the upcoming festival at Lake John Wells next seasonal turning point. Come see us in a couple weeks when we lay it down with thse boys and SEVEN more bands! Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan; we’re DJAMMIN the “Nox !


DJMM 8-30-2018 Zombie Equinox

The Graphics Gurus. The Zombie RN. The Manager-Mommy and the Master of None, aka: Old Phart. What a round table we have tonight ! DJMM hosts a full roster of locals as we gather to cuss and discuss the upcoming concert; morphing into our favorite bands, first concerts and fresh ideas regarding all. Who / where was your favorite band? Your first? If given your own personal time machine, who would you go ‘WayBack’ to see? What a long strange trip it’s been ! DJAMMIN’ it tonite @@ !!


DJMM 8-16-2018 Tusk Mandu

Imagine if you will… an event of time an place so important, so high profile, that you’d never live it down if you missed it.
NOW… imagine you missed it.
LASTLY… Imagine that you were Pavarotti and the event you missed was the Grammy Awards… and that your friend filled in…
And your friend was Aretha Franklin.
And she KILLED IT !!
The song … YOUR song.
Tonite we talk about that event and feat that Lady Re’ pulled off now some twenty years ago, and live through some of the mighty MIGHTY songs she left us with. What a legacy.
Also… and WHAT an also… Doc and MadMan produce and Pro-Duce a rendition of certain songs so wonderful as to make you, Gentle Listener, weep with joy and elation.
It’s good. It’s funny. Listen to it.
All this along with forty minutes of sage sideshow banter on everything from Blue eyed pigs to white lipped motorcycle riding.
We be DJAMMIN’ it tonite, with Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan !


Welcome, WEL-come WELCOME ! As the season approaches for Rockin’ the Equinockin’ Mad Matt and the Demented Doc have spun into movieland, concerts and special band discussion. They’re in the mood, but thankfully not in the NUDE for the upcoming BIG EVENT !Travesty Davis-ty sits in as a special guest and informed consultant on local bands, Otis own group, Claim Your Enemy

IT’s only fair becuz that magical metal melange has climbed into special status and high ranking in a respected and well recognized music web presence ! We take a gander and a long listen as Trav tells us all about it, and runs through nine band line-up of Rock the Equinox ! (It’s actually on September 22 this year, so be vernally if not eternally prepared !

We’re full of vigor, vim and memories of another V.V. of whom we held much love. 😞 😞 Here’s to you Tegan and Company. We miss you guys.
It’s another rock’em sock’em until you Equinock-’em night with the Dynamic Dude-Os. Plus one. With discussion about music documentary favorites and the like. WE BE DJAMMin’ it tooo-NIGHT-awww !