DJMM 8-17-2017 Red Herring Politics and Failed Toys

When you cross a Red Herring with a stretchy-snake and cap it all off with a bronze statue bound for the cemetery… well, there’s bound to be a solid joke in there summerz’… or some where’s ! MadMan charges Doc with the challenge of reaching back into their respective childhoods on the anniversary of Doc’s six-tuple heart bypass surgery, praising his Maker, friends and all the folks who held up prayers. On a lighter note, Six Flags the multi-legged calf has found a happy home on the road with a traveling family show. Who knows? She’ll probably be the first many be-legged bovine to brave the beaches, bars and bright lights of the big cities in North America ! We gape and gander at our orange haired leader as he barks and bloviates on every subject from the “very fine people” of the less-than-savory groups who holler about keeping Civil War statues and the funky haired Supreme Leader of the Noff Korean peninsula.
We look at these things, the failed toys of yester-yore and various and assundried thangs that make our days worthwhile on this fine planet.
Join us as we DJAMM it another night, another week, another round of double-speak ! Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan ! YOWZAHHH !

DJMM 8-10-2017 T-minus Dog Days and counting

“A funny thing happened on the way to the Space Shuttle launch… ” Yep, as a feller or gal might imagine we have a friend and cousin who worked on the space shuttle program. Cousin Patty from Cincinatti visited with us about her time as a quality engineer for that batch of flying machines, and she shares her experiences with us. Patti was a California girl for most of her life, lived in the desert near the legendary Coachella Valley. We hear about citrus, and gila monsters; golf resorts, the best airports and how a longhorn sheep snorts when they come down in the middle of the Bob Hope Classic. Join us as Patty tells us how dates DO grow on trees … but not the kind you have to meet someone’s Mom and Dad over. All this, the latest on Rock the Equinox, How to Grease Your Flamethrower without shutting it down, and a test on MadMan’s memory about the International Space Station on tonight’s Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan ! We Be DJAMMIN’ !! = Doc AND MadMan ~ !

DJMM 8-3-2017 Blinded me by Science!

What has seven hooves, a range of 99 miles and a hairstyle that’s only Trumped in bad taste by its owner’s ? Why THIS DJAMM, of course ! Join MadMan and the Dawk as they explore the possibilities of traveling to see this year’s full eclipse, the new generation of electric cars, and how much it costs to get into a brand new car if you’re on a budget. The Dynamic Duo of DownTown Stig bust a gut as they talk about the county’s latest special birth; a seven legged bull calf named Six Flags. What’s next for the upcoming episodes for our crimefighting crusaders?? Well, break out your cape, sharpen your wits and find a good comfortable place to sit. We’re dug in for a good time as we approach our second anniversary on the air and the first annie of The Donald’s own FBI investigation into Russian meddling, influence peddling and bad hair fiddling ! BE SWEET, DON’T RETREAT ! WE’re DJAMMIN’ tonight !!! – DJ and MM

DJMM 7-27-2017 Deep Inside Resusci-Annie

What do Tilda Swinton, Mia Goth, Donald Trump and Resusci-Annie have in common? What you you mean ” I don’t know !??” Good heavens… all you gotta do is… well… tune in and see what Doc and the MadMan have spun and saved for you this week. They talk about the need and appreciation for good police and military, and how lucky we all are to have the ones we do have. Also, we do a little turn and spin on The Donald’s recent tweets on those who are not quite the men – or women – they once were in the military. Why are there bobcats roaming the streets of our fair cities? Who lays claim to being the model for the CPR doll we all have grown to love – and kiss?? And why can NOBODY remember her name? All this, the reasons why apes, geckos and platypae all only have one nose on tonight’s Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan. Be cool, don’t drool and obey your teachers in skool, young tranny!! DJAMMIN it tonite !

DJMM 7-13-2017 It’s so Hot

How hot was it today at your house? Did it involve fried eggs and sidewalks? Popped corn and frozen cows? Lizards? Stilts? Skateboards with freezer units?? Doc and MadMan talk tonight about the heat, The Donald and the Dos and Don’ts of White House living. Also we touch upon various other aspects of country living, the good people here and the new public works projects that have been taking shape in the last several weeks.
Also, our listener base is growing and going thanks to YOU, dear friends and we thank you for it. As soon as we hit ten million listeners a week, we’re having everyone over for home made ice cream and fried pickles.
DJAMMin’ it tonite, folksies!! DJAMM !

DJMM 7-6-2017 Washington DC

Have you listened to the strains of the Marine Corps band while watching the sun set over the Potomac? What about seeing the perfectly sorted group of Marines who guard the tombs of unknown American heroes? Or watched the President and his family land on the lawn of the White House while you’re sipping a margarita on the roof of the Hotel Washington… ? Hmmm… ? DUDE!! Doc and the MadMan decided to take a virtual tour of Washington D.C. and walk down the memory trail, when Bill and Hillary ran the show and flip phones were ALL the rage ! Take an hour of your valuable time and listen to our banter about our nation’s capitol. We also talk about our visit with one of the great names in college baseball and our privilege to write and design his biography. Enos Semore: A Man from Red Hill is available through Stigler News Sentinel or Betty Hope Moore. Listen to our show and get the numbers ! DJAMM it the week after July Fourth. We got it going on!! D and MM.

DJMM 6-29-2017 4th of July

Fireworks, ice cream, fried chicken and watermelon hunks at Granny’s on the Fourth… are you feeling Patriotic? Well, WE ARE !! Okay… let’s see a show of hands: How many of you remember SchoolHouse Rock on Saturday mornings, ABC cartoons? What about ” I”m Just a Bill “, What about the Preamble to the Constitution? Can you SING it?? WE Do and We CAN !!

Doc and the MadMan stage a special presentation of Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan to salute those who decided that enough was enough, and declared our country AS a country, free and Independent of Great Britain. We decided that it was high time that someone read this out loud for everyone to hear, and to try to understand the basic reasons that the ideas and tyranny of Mad King George had to go.

Doc takes a turn at reading the Declaration of Independence as it was penned by a group of revolutionary thinkers and do-ers 241 years ago on July 4th, 1776. We take a stab at all the things that spawned the current age of Guerilla Marketing. Take a moment and hear those words as our forebears set them down. You’ll feel prouder, better, stronger as an American. And if you don’t, we’ll give you ALL your money back. That and Bicentennial Chebby Novas; Red, White and Blue oil lamps and more this week on Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan. Happy DJAMMin’ on the FOURTH !! -DJ and MM

DJMM 6-22-2017 Summer Solstice

“If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.” It’s an adage we’ve all heard many times. These are amazing times in which to live. We get to choose who, what, where when, why and how. Now the emphasis can be on a ‘designer’ Where and How ! Tonite, Doc and the MadOne choose up sides and talk about an area planned community and look at the pros and cons as residents see them. We also talk a bit more about Angels; What happened in History today and who was born today. On the Summer Solstice Soiree, we hint at the upcoming treasures of Summer 2017. Do you like privacy and pedestrian neighbors? What about a school that’s handy, a lake that’s dandy and a drive that can be pretty short for your commute? That’s all here on tonight’s DJAMM !!! Jammit, folksies !!

DJMM 6-15-2017 Gracie & Zana

If I could dance, I’d dance like Gregory Hines married Fred Astaire. If I could play guitar, it would be Stevie Ray Vaughn and Eddie Van Halen’s love child; Sing? It would have to be Aretha Franklin and Pavarotti’s woods colt. But today folks… we had Zana Johnson and Gracie Murrell come to the DJAMM studio and wail for us… never been more impressed ! These lovely young prodigies are as bright and beautiful inside as their sunny exteriors would dictate, and the voices they hide inside those wonderful selves came out tonight with a glory and fervor rarely experienced outside of heaven. Zana and Gracie both are Haskell County products and members of Oklahoma Kids; a wonderful group of young folks who travel around the country making the Sooner State even more marvelous than anyone had imagined before. They shared with us a few original tunes, some covers and even taught the Kings of South Broadway what a’ capella means ! Join us tonight for Gracie and Zana / Zana and Gracie to get the treat and surprise of your early summer ! We DJAMMed it tonight ! – Doc and MadMan

DJMM 6-8-2017 Angels and Demons

Send me an angel…. right now ! While that ol’ 80’s ditty might not be one of your faves, we all have favorite angels. Maybe your mom is an angel, or at least your own. Or perhaps Dad, Grandad, Uncle Willy or Aunt Corrina. We all have angels in our lives, but what about REAL angels? Do you believe in them. Or do you believe they exist whether or not someone else believes in them?? Hmmm… deep stuff. Tonite MadMatt and the Doc discuss the deities of whom we often dream and ask the tough question… “What the heck are they doing here??” We also talk a tad about our President’s latest Tweets, the Comey intelligence hearings on his and The Donald’s meetings, and Bob Stoops’ recent surprise retirement. Also, what’s new in Stigler, new roadways, Rock the Equinox and MORE on DJMM this week. WE BE DJAMMIN’ IT fa Sho!!! -DJ and MM