DJMM Rulz the Web !

Hey ! Dr. Jeffrey and the Madman here. We’re just gonna take a minute to thank you all once again for hanging with us on the DJMM podcast. Response has been enthusiastic to the point of being almost overwhelming ! Since our humble beginnings less than a year ago, Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan has grown into a media phenomenon, expanding into FaceBook, a podcast format, email, a www website and soon, a listing on iTunes ! That’s right, we’re going viral ! There’s even talk of a YouTube channel, where we’ll feature local talent and cool stuff so you can see our charming faces ! (Just kiddin’. We’re much better looking than just merely “charming.”) 😉

If you’d like to see (hear) anyone locally, regionally or heck even GLOBALLY, drop us a line. We mean, hey… Lady Gaga, Bernie Sanders or Robin Thicke may not do a Skype with us on here… but they MIGHT if we ask and we’re NOT afraid to ask !

lake-street-dive-side-pony-2016-album-cover-billboard-650Need we remind you that the great Lake Street Dive has agreed to an appearance on DJMM later this year?! How cool is that!? And they’re coming just because we asked ! In case you haven’t heard, LSD has done some pretty cool stuff themselves lately. Check out the news on their NUMBER ONE placement on Billboard Magazine’s Rock Album Charts! 

Similarly, if you yourself have something cool to say, report or promote, give us a shout on email at, message us on Facebook or just a casual comment here. We LOVE hearing from you guys.

So without further du du, be sure to tune into our podcast on Fridays, or check in late on Thursday night because our tech department works late to make sure you get to hear the latest of the greatest on DJMM.

Again, a serious and heartfelt thank you to all of you who listen to the show, and feel free to comment here anytime you get the urge.

Hope you ‘uns had a Happy Hump Day, Y’all !

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