“The Kingdom” drops some live jams on DJMM Tomorrow Night, June 23, 2016

An exciting, fresh faced group of gifted young artists are scheduled to chat with Doc and MadMan tomorrow night as part of the next step of their burgeoning career.Kingdom

The Kingdom, a Southern / Christian Rock band hailing from our corner of Oklahoma will interview and perform for Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan as part of the regularly scheduled show tomorrow (June 23) night.

Firm and proudly entrenched in their Christian Rock foundation, (some of the members actually met at an Oklahoma church camp), the music which The Kingdom has created transcends that which comes from most other existing brands of spiritual contemporary music.

In other words, these kids ain’t your average church rock cover group. They definitely have their own, ROCKIN’ sound !

“We’re SUPER excited to have a chance to share the music this extremely talented group of young people have,” said Matt “MadMan” Mayo. “Their YouTube performances ‘sing’ for themselves.” he said. “They’re quite a unique blend of young people, with a wisdom beyond their years. It’s honest, sweet and sincere, but with a little edge,” added Jeff “Dr. Jeffrey” Brown, also of the podcast.

Truer words have ever been spoken about any musical group. Yeah, they’re young. The oldest members are a seasoned 21 years, while the female lead is 17 and still a Senior in High School. Though young in years, theirs is a precocious mix of original soft rock and some masterfully restyled covers of old favorites such as You Are My Sunshine. Like many groups, the old favorites are welcomed by the crowds who love them. Unlike other groups, their original stuff is what the crowds love most.

The group consists of Trever McBan, primary lead vocalist; Kelsie Shelton, lead and harmony vocals; Kyle Shelton, guitar, trumpet, lead and harmony vocals; Josh Sexton, mandolin, guitar, bass, banjo, and harmony vocals; Levi Mason, cello, violin, and keyboard and Ty Thompson on drums and other percussion.

Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan is recorded live at DJMM Studios on South Broadway in Stigler, Oklahoma. Tomorrow night’s broadcast will be available for download at approximately 10 a.m. the morning of June 24.

Don’t miss this great young group !

One thought on ““The Kingdom” drops some live jams on DJMM Tomorrow Night, June 23, 2016”

    by Jeff Brown

    Looking at the weather for this fall, I’d like to issue a challenge to those who are interested in music and local concerts. The rock and roll minded folks who have taken up the mantle of Rock the Equinox are doing a great job. Sadly, my involvment is limited simply because I have to be careful in the heat. AS much value which has been placed on Rock music and the support for this type of entertainment was surprising. I mean, we always knew there were lots of ppl who loved hard rock, but GOSH !!
    We’ve ALWAYS had a warm and enthusiastic spot in our hearts for country music, cuz nobody can deny that we’re COUNTRY, or at least I am ! And with taht in mind, I don’t want to sell those folks short. They’re the life blood of the communties. The real folks of our area. Even the rockers will admit that their foundations were laid in country. Toddy Todd Falconer was a big country fan as a boy, sitting in Don’s Restaurant with his Dad and Grandma Betty, listening to Travis Tritt, Randy Travis, and the great country music voices of the 90s.
    SO… for those who are interested in country music, GO GET AFTER IT ! Brandy Cloud is doing a wonderful job across the river, sponsoring events, hosting Oklahoma Kids, popular local groups and performers; I just can’t say enough good about what she’s doing over there with country and the traditional music of our folks. The truest “folk music” comes from Oklahoma. Some of the greatest performers come from here, going back to Woody Guthrie, tripping up thru Garth, Vince, Reba and Carrie. We have the biggest. LEGENDS< they are ! Similarly, i'm sure I"m missing some others who host Gospel concerts, which I also enjoy and never fail to face a warm reception. Royce Alverson and Carla Royce Alverson spread their witness far and wide in a musical ministry that's rarely equaled. Bobby Martin and Chad Martin along with Warren Highfill, the Dickeys (miss you, Ruth!) and the David Mathews band; those folks fostered in the present groups; local up and coming young folks who we've had on the Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan show, and indeed hope to have more and more often !!. Gracie Murrell, Zana Johnson, Chase Prince and the Destination; Consider the Raven; Josh Sexton, ... on and on and on. It's AMAZING the treasure trove of young people who we have stashed around in these hills ! We're hillbillies, SURE ! and DANG PROUD OF IT !!! So next time you have a back yard gathering, a church picnic, a family event, reunion, on and on and on - reach out to these good folks and see if they'll come out to play for you ! Now, I can't speak for them, but they might welcome the opportunity to play for a different crowd. So let's take a minute or several and support your local musicians. We're lucky to have them !

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