DJMM 8-3-2017 Blinded me by Science!

What has seven hooves, a range of 99 miles and a hairstyle that’s only Trumped in bad taste by its owner’s ? Why THIS DJAMM, of course ! Join MadMan and the Dawk as they explore the possibilities of traveling to see this year’s full eclipse, the new generation of electric cars, and how much it costs to get into a brand new car if you’re on a budget. The Dynamic Duo of DownTown Stig bust a gut as they talk about the county’s latest special birth; a seven legged bull calf named Six Flags. What’s next for the upcoming episodes for our crimefighting crusaders?? Well, break out your cape, sharpen your wits and find a good comfortable place to sit. We’re dug in for a good time as we approach our second anniversary on the air and the first annie of The Donald’s own FBI investigation into Russian meddling, influence peddling and bad hair fiddling ! BE SWEET, DON’T RETREAT ! WE’re DJAMMIN’ tonight !!! – DJ and MM