DJMM 12-1-2016 Biohackers

We’re kicking off this December with a different slant. We’re not really hoping for a white Christmas, but  with today’s technology, we’ll know if the dog will be trace-able if he misses dinner and wassail ! The talk shifts to the leaps and bounds that medical technology has take in the recent past, with bio technology, cyber punk and the junk that kids funk up their faces with today. Can we depend on tiny patches of circuitry to read our thoughts? Our bones set by little ‘bots? Well, like it or ‘nots’, it’s here. We look at some of the great things that medicine may bring and discuss some of the more unsettling things that darker minds may present. Also, Doc’s got a new look for his first book, now available on our FB page, ’tis all the RAGE! Read Witching Water, via the written page ! It’s the December 1, 2016 version of Dr. Jeffrey and The MadMan ! DJAMMin’ it !

DJMM 11-17-2017 Happy Thanksgiving

What’s your dressing recipe? Do you have one, or do you need a dressing lessing? 😉 Doc and the MadMan explore some unusual Thanksgiving recipes and traditions, and propose a few new dishes themselves such as a Thanksgiving Sub or jalapeno dressing ! YUMBO… from there it’s just a short segue to eating contests, their champions and the unusual dishes they consume. Brain Tacos, anyone? Just hop over to your favorite Zombie Pub Crawl and indulge in a gray matter Gordita ! YUCK ! Hang with us tonite, if you dare, or give thanks that there’s still plenty of turkey left to be had ! DJAMM !!!

DJMM 11-10-2016 November to Remember

The Wiggler in Stigler. A November to Remember ! This weeks’ DJMM features Doc and the MadMan discussing such heart warming and earth shattering topics of tantalizing brain teasers such as Don Trump DidJaKNows; Antique automobiles that we’d love to have. Windmills we have known before they’d blown and tiny houses made out of pallets. Who’d a thunk it!!?? Join us tonight for our own brands of jawboning as we pull out the stops and jackrabbit starts on our dream cars. Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan ! We’re Here, so get USED TO IT !- DJAMM

DJMM 11-3-2016 The Cubs Win and Traveling

It is said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Well, we hope the dude who took that journey didn’t have to do it ALL on foot, or his Bucket List would turn to Suckit List ! ! Where do you want to go on vacation? What’s on your bucket list? Is it a place, or an event, or maybe just a great place for fried chicken? Travel is at the top of many of our lists, and tonite MadMan and The Doc pull out the stops and the starts on a globetrotting pipe dream. Join us on an hour’s jaunt of discovery and learning from Papua to Puerto Rico; Quebec to the Great Barrier Reef. It’s the beginning of a life’s journey tonight on Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan. Join us !! – DJ and MM.

DJMM 10-13-2016 Clowning Around

Don’t be a clown, Mr. Brown ! We’ve all said it, perhaps we’ve all done it, but right now it’s terribly out of fashion. For some reason, clowns have taken a bad rap the last little while. From public displays of weirdness, to high school pranks, these made up messengers of merriment and more have become the pariahs of the season. Doc and the MadMan take a look at the different clowns who have entertained us throughout generations. Whether they were bringers of truth, silly seeming circus shriners or any of a number of cartoon figures, clowns have traditionally been our friends. DJMM asks the question “why the bad press of late? ! We talk a little about the clowns running for office and the silliness sent by Kimmel to show us how funny it all can be, if a little slower. This and more on Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan, for October 13, 2016. Peace-In, Pariah Pals ! = DJMM.

DJMM 10-6-2016 The Bear Hunter 2

Now it’s just not every day that you can say you’ve stood in the presence of a bear hunter. It’s a rarer day still that you can say you’ve podcasted with one of them. But perhaps the rarest of all is to say that you’ve broadcast a podcast from a haunted bear’s nest in at town that’s home to … well, you’ll have to tune in and find out the way that sentence comes out ! Join MadMan and the Doc as they quiz and quake with laughter and interest with Stigler sportsman and conservationist Kellen Davis. Davis is an active hunter who has taken on the task of bringing in his first black bear during some of the very first legal black bear seasons. Did he bag a black bear? Was brown bruin brung ’bout to be entertained, fed heartily and braised for brunch? Answer those interesting questions and dozens of bear bagging hints, tips, dos and don’ts you’ve never dreamt of on this, the October 6, 2016 episode of Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan. Kellen Davis makes it ALL worth listening to ! -Peace-In, Winnie ! The hunny pot runneth overahhhh ! – DJ and MM.

DJMM 9-29-2016 JACKPOT!!!

What’s better than free radio, free ice cream and the free adoration of eveyone you meet?? Well…. not much, actually. 😉 But Dr. Jeffrey and the Madman Show is pretty dadburn close tonite ! We talk about the origins of casinos and organized horse racing in Oklahoma, the concept of graphic novels and all the good people who have helped make the DJMM show a HIT through the last year ! Tune in and hear our take on that, and to just generall hear us ‘take on’ ! Dermatological issues, old movies, new music, chronic habits and more, more MORE ! Dr. Jeffrey and the Madman, September 29, 2016. – DJMM

DJMM 9-22-2016 Cartoons

You are never too old to be a cartoon fan! We go on a nostalgic journey to the cartoon world! As usual we sidetrack in to some related, but not specifically related to the cartoon world…ever hear of beta, why is called a clicker??? Seriously you will have to listen to understand…Have a Great Week and Thank You for Listening!!! DJMM