DJMM 7-14-2016 Artifacts & Rock the Equinox Special

What is the meaning of Life? Well, Doug Adams tells us that the answer to Life is 42, whatever that means, but that sounds like as good an answer as any. However, tonite MadMan and the Doc discuss the origins of stone tools, locally sourced arrowheads, the constellations, planets and the moons. Heck, at times, they even sound downright philosophical.

Join these two as the take a thoughtful and interesting stroll through their feelings on archaeology, paleontology, astronomy and several other things they wish they knew more about. Europa, Io, and Calisto? Not just the names of some great Argentinian soccer players.
DJAMM also starts the first promos for the end of summer rock show to be held at Lake John Wells ! To be sure, Rock the Equinox is going to be an event to remember, with hopes that it helps establish a new series of concerts in our fair region.
Don’t forget Saturday with Partnering for the Park at Roye Park in Stigler, where an evening’s festivities will include live music, games, drawings and a golf ball drop – all centered around the NEW PAVILION ~! And if you’re feeling extra froggy, jump on into a 3-on-3 roundball tournament at the new basketball courts. Doc and MadMan get to be part of this well planned and benevolent day. Countless people have chipped in time, effort, elbow grease and brainpower to make it all happen. Come out and show your support for our beautiful park and its future here.
WOW! All that’s happening in Stigler??
Folks, you have no idea.  We’re just getting started !
– DJAMM, Rocks the Equinox

DJMM 7-9-2016 Stigler Oklahoma Meltdown Car Show

Our first Remote SHOW, and what a doozie! We interview folks from McAlester, Checotah and the surrounding area who came to the Meltdown!!! Our District 15 State Representative Ed Cannaday also dropped in to join us as well!!! Listen to the bands, banter and hot rod engines rev up throughout the day as we stuff our faces with pulled pork nachos from Okie Brothers BBQ!!! This was a fun show and many friends were made! Special Thanks to Steve and April Murray for putting on a top notch Car Show! Thank You to all who brought their amazing cars, Big Marty and the dirty Dogs and The Day Job Quitters for the wonderful cars,tunes and entertainment!

DJMM 7-7-2016 The Destination & Stigler Chamber of Commerce

Never let it be said that Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan aren’t up for new experiences. That said, when’s the last time you heard someone call a 21 year old man, “old”? Well tune in tonight, and listen to a fresh new band from the Stigler area named The Destination, ages 13, 14, 14 and 21. That’s right ! This talented and energetic group of youngsters share with us not one but TWO original songs right in DJAMM Studios ! Members Williams, Prince, Crase and McCormick came to the studios this afternoon and hit us hard with their fresh brand of “OKIE TUSK” music. As a special bonus we also were proud to host Janice Williams, Executive Director of the Stigler – Haskell County Chamber of Commerce. Janice shares with us the exciting new developments happening as a result of the recently voter approved sales tax for economic development. She talks about the developments at Roye Park, new plans for walking trails, music opportunities and ways that virtually everyone can benefit from being a local Chamber of Commerce member. Tune in tonite for yet another fun, informative and entertaining segment from Doc and the MadMan… and never forget that you can listen to past shows just by clicking on the links on the website ! How cool are these guys anyway!? We love good folks ! – DJ MM

DJMM 6-30-2016 Throwback Thursday Special

Happy Birthday America! The Djamm is on Holiday break for Merica’s 4th of July Birthday! We decided to highlight the beginnings of our podcast show from 2015!. Tune in as we turn back time, and enjoy the clips from September all the way to December! These clips have never been available on our website until now! Please have a safe Holiday, and will be back next week to update you on the big news in the Djamm world!

Genre-bending Southern rockers The Kingdom kickstart Summer tour, tease new single ! (begins at 14:20 into show)

Introducing, The Kingdom, The Band. Do they play Christian rock? Sure they do. Just ask ’em.

But, as many southern rockers would say, that ain’t all.

Nope, not even close.

To see these young people is to witness the invention of an entirely new flavor of rock and roll. It’s original, genre-jumping, sandal stomping, southern style jams.

Hold on a minute. We’re getting ahead of ourselves. First, close your mind’s eye and picture not just another rock band, but the most gifted group of young people you’ve ever met. Imagine now their music, a dynamic, untraveled approach for not just rock, but the soul of all traditional rock, with an out-of-the-box spiritual flair.

You’ve never heard this before. Huh-uKingdomh… nothing even close.

Now, open your eyes… and your ears !

In this June 23, 2016 appearance, wholesome, fun loving music phenoms The Kingdom  blow Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan away with unbelievable vocals, harmony, instrumentals and musical arrangements tight and powerful enough to make a composer blush ! WOW! Alternating between panting through sweltering Oklahoma heat and feeling goosebumps over the original music… it’s enough to catch musical pneumonia !

Their music almost certainly defies category and description, but suffice it to say, that if you listen to The Kingdom on DJMM, you’ll witness the emergence of what is almost certainly the greatest new genre-bending band of the era.

They’re self-styled country pop / Christian rock / soul / southern rock and so much more rolled into one… or six, made into one. The sound is fresh, unique, honest. The camaraderie they share is as organic as the friendship that brought them together.

OH, and did we mention that they dropped a previously unreleased single with US last night?! They hit us with a hot new track of their original dit, Flesh and Bone. How cool is THAT?


“The Kingdom” drops some live jams on DJMM Tomorrow Night, June 23, 2016

An exciting, fresh faced group of gifted young artists are scheduled to chat with Doc and MadMan tomorrow night as part of the next step of their burgeoning career.Kingdom

The Kingdom, a Southern / Christian Rock band hailing from our corner of Oklahoma will interview and perform for Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan as part of the regularly scheduled show tomorrow (June 23) night.

Firm and proudly entrenched in their Christian Rock foundation, (some of the members actually met at an Oklahoma church camp), the music which The Kingdom has created transcends that which comes from most other existing brands of spiritual contemporary music.

In other words, these kids ain’t your average church rock cover group. They definitely have their own, ROCKIN’ sound !

“We’re SUPER excited to have a chance to share the music this extremely talented group of young people have,” said Matt “MadMan” Mayo. “Their YouTube performances ‘sing’ for themselves.” he said. “They’re quite a unique blend of young people, with a wisdom beyond their years. It’s honest, sweet and sincere, but with a little edge,” added Jeff “Dr. Jeffrey” Brown, also of the podcast.

Truer words have ever been spoken about any musical group. Yeah, they’re young. The oldest members are a seasoned 21 years, while the female lead is 17 and still a Senior in High School. Though young in years, theirs is a precocious mix of original soft rock and some masterfully restyled covers of old favorites such as You Are My Sunshine. Like many groups, the old favorites are welcomed by the crowds who love them. Unlike other groups, their original stuff is what the crowds love most.

The group consists of Trever McBan, primary lead vocalist; Kelsie Shelton, lead and harmony vocals; Kyle Shelton, guitar, trumpet, lead and harmony vocals; Josh Sexton, mandolin, guitar, bass, banjo, and harmony vocals; Levi Mason, cello, violin, and keyboard and Ty Thompson on drums and other percussion.

Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan is recorded live at DJMM Studios on South Broadway in Stigler, Oklahoma. Tomorrow night’s broadcast will be available for download at approximately 10 a.m. the morning of June 24.

Don’t miss this great young group !

DJMM Candy, Vinyl and Rock & Roll

JOIN us for a nostalgic look into the past! We are talking about Candy, Old Vinyl records and Rock & Roll! Our mystery DJ has Rocklahoma jotted on his resume, and can also add mystery DJ on the DJMM show! Travesty sizzles the turntable, tells us a little about The Devil You Adore upcoming shows, and contributes to our usual banter! Please show some respect Odie’s Ghostly Oldies way as Travesty does! Peace Out!

Kindergarten, Swearing, Church, Politics and Racism on the Radio – By Dr. Jeffrey

Did THAT headline grab your attention or WHAT? LOL 😉
Like every group of friends with whom I’ve been affiliated since Mrs. Mathews’ Kindergarten (Class of ’69 – WOOO HOOOOO!!) , we’ve had to come up with a few rules for the Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan show. They are few, but apparently more controversial than your average Pictionary or Bunko game.
RULE #1:   No swearing.
Among many other folks, I want -nee’, NEED – for my 96 year old Aunt Edna Faye to be able tell the folks at the local retirement home, “There’s a boy on the radio you need to listen to. He’s my nephew.” George Carlin was my idol, but golly…  we gotta try to keep it G rated for an hour.George !
REPERCUSSIONS: After over 30 shows, this one hasn’t been an issue with anyone. Just have to try and not smash my fingers with a hammer during taping. So far so good.
RULE #2:   No religious comments.
I explain this one in this way. If you want to say, “My God is my inspiration,” and leave it there, then we’re in good shape. A higher power is important. Ask any AA member. BUT, if you want to say, “Let me tell you about my relationship with Jesus / Allah / Buddah / Mephistopheles,” Uh, NO.
REPERCUSSIONS: Also hasn’t been a problem. BUT, if it ever becomes such, then I’ll be glad to give you some direction to the nearest place of worship. If you want my opinion, it’ll have to be off the air.
RULE #3:   No racial comments.
I don’t think I need to spell this one out.
REPERCUSSIONS: NONE. I can’t imagine anyone demanding that right on DJAMM. That’s all I have to say about that.
RULE #4.   No politics.
Now, I can’t speak for the MadMan, but for my part of it, this one is in place NOT because I PERSONALLY have any hard core beliefs or problems with any candidate at any level, (which I DO), but because I think the the state of politics at any moment is the most over-discussed, banal, and ephemeral ball of primate poo I can think of.Perot It’s the SINGLE reason I no longer watch TV. Also the reason I’ve blocked posts and unfollowed about forty different FB friends since last October. I’ll unblock them after this November, or if my hair gets too thick and i need to pull it out before then.
I make it easy on our treasured guests; if you HAVE to talk about this stuff, please do it on your own time, or start your own radio show. MadMan’s a WHIZ with anything technical. Either of us would be glad to help you. I’ll tell you everything I know about talking on the radio right now: “Read more than you watch TV. Listen more than you talk. Don’t be stupid. Be nice. Invest in a good chair; your booty will thank you.  The rest of it isn’t nearly as complicated. 
REPERCUSSIONS: THIS one, oddly enough, has caused a number of friends of MANY years to stop speaking to me, which I don’t get, but I still love them anyway. They’re all bright and cool and fun, but apparently sensitive about, something or another… I’m really not sure. I’m hoping their respective candidates at least make a decent showing, whichever they are. I’m not sure about that either, because when someone begins a sentence with “Well, Trump / Hillary / Bernie / Sarah / Cookie Monster,” et al, my attention goes out the window, and I’m back to sitting in Mrs Mathews’ Kindergarten again. If only I could jump in my time machine. I’d head there and start over. Loved those little dollar store cookies and the watery Kool-Aid. Miss Coba Moore, you were an ANGEL !
Well there you have them, friends. There may be amendments as the show develops. Thank you all for listening, and as always, Peace-IN ! – Doc

DJMM 6-9-2016 Reliance Code Special

Will wonders ever cease? WE hope not ! Tonite was a very special night on DJAMM, first we kicked it all off with our favorite guest DJ, Uncle Gray the Mystery DJ, who hit us with some of his favorite vintage platters and talked about where life is leading him. As if that wasn’t enough, we were favored with the presence of a dynamic cast of burgeoning stars, aka, Reliance Code. The homegrown rock band from our hometown consists of Chris Law, Josh Roach, Cody Peebles, Todd Falconer, and Shane Diego. The energetic bunch opened up to us about the new face of indie rock, the trials and sacrifices involved in assembling and keeping a band together; THEN as a bonus, they dropped a FIRST-EVER public performance of an acoustic version of their crowd favorite, “I Just Wanna Be Me”.  We also play their studio track Fight For Life! It just KEEPS getting better folks. If you’re missing us now, you’re missing OUT ! Peace-In, Dear Listeners ! -DJ & MM.

DJMM 6-2-2016 Gorillas, Odie’s Ghostly Oldies and Great Banter

Well, Memorial Day is behind the staff at DJMM and a half billion stories could be told about it… but why listen to THEM, when we have something SO much more interesting on the books !? Tonight, MadMan and the Doc squawk about the weather, rock and roll, gorillas taken before their times and do a quick turn through the Vinyl Vault. That’s right… tonight marks the return of Odie’s Ghostly Oldies. It’s a good review of the first five months of ’16 and a hint of the exciting things to come for the Boys on Broadway (in Stigler, that is!) Join us for some great banter, solid laughs and a wry perspective on the world as it races around us… trying to understand itself. Seeya there ! – DJ&MM