DJMM 5-12-2016 Rock & Roll Special

Do we ROCK OR WHAT?!?! Tonight’s tne debut of a new series! it’s our first edition of Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan Rock and Roll Medicine Show! we are thrilled to have Katya, a hot, up and coming metal maven from Hollywood to share her story, aspirations and ideals with us. She talks about her rise to prominence in the world metal scene and upcoming tours, songs and promised to release her new single RIGHT HERE on DJMM next summer!!!

Not to be outdone, local headbangers The Devil You Adore come into the studio to give us the rundown on their newest work, exciting news on their popularity in the American midwest and overseas. But perhaps best of all, they’re taking the stage at the internationally recognized Heavy Metal rockffest Rocklahoma! These Stigler, Oklahoma boys have hit the big time and the haven’t forgotten their roots.

Don’t miss this one,or you’ll never forgive yourself! – DJMM XOXOX

Fifteen Signs You Are Already a DJMM Fan and Don’t Even Know It

  1. Your spirit animal is Angus Young.
  2. A holiday meal must include Diet Coke, brand name ice cream and Nexium.
  3. You never listen to rock and roll before noon, unless it’s after midnight.
  4. You say ” I quit smoking five years ago,” as you’re bumming a cig and digging for your lighter.
  5. The first song you knew as a child was “Jesus Loves me”. Second song is a cafeteria choice; Either You Ain’t Nothin’ but a Hound Dog, Purple Haze,  La Grange, Nikki Grind, or Big Poppa.
  6.  The only other song you know all the words to is “Long Haired Country Boy” by Charlie Daniels.
  7. You think being a Yankee is a genetic flaw.
  8. Any outdoor event includes a plan to find a place to pee in the bushes.
  9. Your spiritual leader, healthcare provider and fishing consultant all know your personal phone number.
  10. … and are the same person.
  11. Your friends have given you at least three nicknames; none of which you will explain to a stranger.
  12. The only pronoun you ever use is “y’all.”
  13.  The last time you voted for President and were happy with your choice was in 8th Grade 4-H.
  14. You are a parent, or perhaps grandparent yourself, but you still say “Momma”, “Daddy”, “Gramaw” and “Ma’am.”
  15. You can afford anything you want for the house, but are most excited about your flea market finds, auction bargains and hand-me-down furniture from Gramaw.





DJMM 5-5-2016

What do AC/DC, Mother’s Day, Axel Rose and Norman, Oklahoma have in common? Why Cinco de Mayo, 2016 with Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan of course ! Join Doc and MadMan this week for a survey of great past concert experiences, up and coming new rockers and an appreciation for head bangers of yore. We play some Carlos Santana vinyl in appreciation of everyone’s favorite Mexican holiday, and mix it in with a healthy lode of Native American history. How do we do it, you say? Well, tune in and find out! Peace-IN, mis hermanos y hermanas!

DJMM 4-21-2016


A 3-D Printer for the public… in STIGLER?? WHAT WHATTT??. Yup, you heard it here first. On tonite’s Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan,  we bid a sad and all too soon farewell to pop icon Prince. But moving ahead in the full speed ahead spirit of this music legend, we also welcome  Kameran Huggins who fills us in on the dynamic growth and ultra cool happenings at our local “knowledge center”, (Better known as Stigler-Haskell County Public Library). NOW HOLD ON ! Before you skip this one, you owe it to yourself to find out really what is going on at what has become the best kept secret in the area. Yes, we’re getting a 3D printer that we can all use for FREE ! Learn about new buildings, meeting centers, game activities, charitable clubs who give to cancer and convalescent homes, and SO much more. You’re missing out if you don’t check in on this week’s Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan. Peace-IN ! – DJ and MM

DJMM 4-14-2016

Can you remember the first time you said “it’s not fair !”. Now what about the day you actually realized that all of life REALLY wasn’t fair? This week’s DJMM focuses on the awkward evolution of the Safe Spaces movement, and the narcissistic twists and turns, into which it continues to be spun by Generation Me. We also pour some hot Led on ya, with another selection from Jimmy, Robert and the Boys. Hints of the BigFoot / Siri 2016 platform are teased along with our usual line up of shouts out, original wit and general bull in session. All this and tons more on this week’s Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan Show. Be Cool, Ya’ll ! – Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan

DJMM 4-7-2016

RIP to our old inspiration and favorite country legend, Merle Haggard. This week’s podcast features a heartfelt goodbye to the man who put Muskogee on the map. We dug into the Doc’s Vintage Vinyl Vault to find some ol’ tymey Merle on 33 LP to serve as this week’s Odie’s Ghostly Oldies. We also talk movies, and an exciting announcement about our move to iTunes. Also a VERY exciting announcement about new Presidential candidates who have entered the race this week from the GrassRoots Party. We won’t spoil it for you, You GOTTA tune in ! Happy Thursday, y’all ! – DJ and MM.


DJMM Rulz the Web !

Hey ! Dr. Jeffrey and the Madman here. We’re just gonna take a minute to thank you all once again for hanging with us on the DJMM podcast. Response has been enthusiastic to the point of being almost overwhelming ! Since our humble beginnings less than a year ago, Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan has grown into a media phenomenon, expanding into FaceBook, a podcast format, email, a www website and soon, a listing on iTunes ! That’s right, we’re going viral ! There’s even talk of a YouTube channel, where we’ll feature local talent and cool stuff so you can see our charming faces ! (Just kiddin’. We’re much better looking than just merely “charming.”) 😉

If you’d like to see (hear) anyone locally, regionally or heck even GLOBALLY, drop us a line. We mean, hey… Lady Gaga, Bernie Sanders or Robin Thicke may not do a Skype with us on here… but they MIGHT if we ask and we’re NOT afraid to ask !

lake-street-dive-side-pony-2016-album-cover-billboard-650Need we remind you that the great Lake Street Dive has agreed to an appearance on DJMM later this year?! How cool is that!? And they’re coming just because we asked ! In case you haven’t heard, LSD has done some pretty cool stuff themselves lately. Check out the news on their NUMBER ONE placement on Billboard Magazine’s Rock Album Charts! 

Similarly, if you yourself have something cool to say, report or promote, give us a shout on email at, message us on Facebook or just a casual comment here. We LOVE hearing from you guys.

So without further du du, be sure to tune into our podcast on Fridays, or check in late on Thursday night because our tech department works late to make sure you get to hear the latest of the greatest on DJMM.

Again, a serious and heartfelt thank you to all of you who listen to the show, and feel free to comment here anytime you get the urge.

Hope you ‘uns had a Happy Hump Day, Y’all !

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COMMUNITY SERVICE EDITION ! : DJMM Partnering for the Park Special

Chairperson of Partnering for the Park Flo Conklin is special guest for DJMM this week. Mrs. Conklin will eplain ths state of affairs with renovation and fundraising efforts at Roye Park in Stigler
Chairperson of Partnering for the Park Flo Conklin is special guest for DJMM this week. Shown here with her husband, Dr. Thomas Conklin, Flo will explain ths state of affairs with renovation and fundraising efforts at Roye Park in Stigler


After years of intense popularity and rigorous use, Stigler’s much-beloved Roye Park is in real need of a considerable list of repairs and updates. Special Guest Flo Conklin joins us tonight for a rundown on what’s happening with our area’s favorite outdoor gathering place.  Flo and her group Partnering for The Park have brainstormed and worked to make those things happen. Join us on this week’s ‘cast to hear an entire hour’s worth of information coming straight from the people who are making it all happen. Happy Thursday, Y’all ! – Doc and MadMan