DJMM 5-3-2018 Horse with no Name

Well,… remember the last time you had an off-day? When you just couldn’t get the words to your favorite cover song to come together? When it was getting too late to play a regular podcast, so you put together a great one just by telling favorite stories? No?! Welll,.. um… US NEITHER ! LOL Tonight MadMan Matt Mayo and the Mad Doctor himself take a gander at old stories they may have forgotten about themselves. Stories about dirty birds doing dirty things to ill mannered spouses and the like ! Also look to uas for another insertion of a favorite cover of “Horse With No Name” by America… but this one’s from DJAMM ! Take an hour to relax and listen to our greatest hits, our favorite stories and some lemony snack wrappers ! We be DJAMMIN TONITE !!


DJMM 4-20-2018 LIVE from Beaver Mountain

Doc’s close friend an partner in fun MadMan Matt Mayo heads up the professional musician’s role in this week’s installment of Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan ! We do our own rendition of “You Don’t Mess Around with Jim” LIVE from Beaver Mountain ! We love living in this great country, not to mention the GREAT “country” part of it, as in ‘rural places’. Gotta Love Oklahoma ! We take a gander and the long amazing life of America’s Grandmother, the late Barbara Bush. With her pearls, wholesome values and grandmotherly demeanor, “Bar'” gave the world a look at what simple elegance should be as hostess for the country’s greatest manse, first lady to one President and mother to another two term Chief Exec. We also visit a bit about our seated Prez, his lovely wife and the amazing aplomb with which she faces each day. Visit with us tonight as we work through our own issues, sing, pick and joke through another week’s worth of …nothing in particular, but a LOT of fun! We be DJAMMIN’ IT TONITE. LIVE FROM BEAVER MOUNTAIN !


DJMM 4-12-2018 King of the Road

Whisperin’ Dr. Jeffrey croaks out a favorite by Roger Miller on this week’s DJAMM, while MattMadMayo eats up the Martin up front ! We talk about our illustrious President Zuckerberg and his minions as they face the inquisitors in D.C. Is it evil at its greatest, or just a new and supposedly better business model? At any rate, the lawmakers up there this week are certainly Corn-fusticated about Markie Z’s intent, his direction and just what the heck it is he is doing. MadMan and his sidekick also talk bout the continuing school funding saga, local education bond issues and… well… packrats, alley cats and raccoons. If you’re interested in hearing two friends hash it out, or if you’d like to join in on the fray, tune in tonite and give us a holler. WE BE DJAMMIN’ IT !!


DJMM 4-5-2018 Never been to Spain

Music, mayhem, marvelous men making… something alliterative with “m”. It’s DJAMM on the scene talking about local politics, state teacher questions and just good folks with good intentions. Who’s your favorite Oklahoma songwriter? Ever year of Hoyt Axton? What about Mae Axton? Okay… Dr. Suess then? Well, Suess isn’t from Oklahoma, but at least we’ve all heard of him, right?
Madman Matt and The Dawk spend a solid hour covering some old favorite songs made rich by Three Dog Night and other snippets from the Great American Song Wheel !
But WAIT ! THERE”S MORE ! MattMan favors us with a seldom revealed glimpse into his own private reserve of original instrumentals ! He’s the real deal, friends and neighbors, so tune in, tap in and turn on. We DJAMMIN it fa SHO, on this Show !! -DJMM


DJMM 3-22-2018 Bob Wills and Stigler Progress

We sing, we dance we speak of wonderful things of which we are un-versed! Our universe is rich and inviting, and we invite YOU, Gentle Listener to share it with US!
Doc and MadMan travel the globe weekly from our attic studio in beautiful Downtown Stigler in order to bring you the freshest, greatest, strongest and longest winded ideas and ideals on the PLANET ! And tonite, we did it all in just 49 minutes !
We visit about the need to extend a helping hand and a listening ear to our fellow man and woman, brother, sister, child and grandfolk – a recurring theme in today inĀ our contemporary podcasts. Doc got the chance to chat with chart busting country funny man Rodney Carrington, and shares the fun with everyone about that. The DJAMM Bros put together a cover of Bob Wills’s “Stay All Night”, and blast it out for every future generation to enjoy.
So with that, G.R., we invite you’ uns all and once’t to join us in our global examinations, ruminations and general observations. WE BE DJAMMIN’ IT FA SHO!!



RIP to our favorite theoretical physicist, Dr. Stephen W. Hawking. Hats off to you, Steve. Doc and MadMan will host a more formal examination of your life and theories in weeks to come. Beyond that, tonight we talk about personal experiences with women in the Men’s room, dogs who open their own doors, and a young man from Haskell , OK who does his own music – Christian Hip Hop? We got it. You heard it first here… we hope. lol
Although we don’t actually sing a song tonight, we do touch upon some bongo licks, drum sticks and guitar tricks with which to goggle the mind. OH, and lest we forget, the inherently amazing Trevor McBane makes his debut on American Idol this weekend ! And just in case we didn’t tell you before: WE TOLD YOU SO!! All this, MadMan’s guitar prowess, Doc’s amateur bongo-ness and just a general palaveric MESS tonight with MadMan and the equally insane Doc Jeffrey. THEE BEAR OR SQUEE BARE ! DJAMMIN’ IT SINCE 2015 !.


DJMM 3-8-2018 School Bond Blues

SCHOOL BOND BLUES IS BACK ! Everybody’s got them. Those who are in favor of passing the bond got ’em. Those who are NOT in favor got ’em. What are they? They’re the SCHOOL BOND BLUES ! MadMan and the Doc took a few minutes to busk a belly laughing rendition of what might be someone’s take on the whole situation. Okay, it’s OUR take on the situation. Tonite we discuss the ups and downs of passing a bond issue in a cash strapped school district. Then we talk about music an its impact on us all, and what the world might be like without guitars, fiddles, pianos and accordians. We talk about what would happen if there was nothing to make us all pat our feet and dance around in our drawers when no one is looking. Hopefully… Finally we reach out to the good hearted, and admonish the world to stop and listen to someone who might seem to be having a bad day. The lives you save may be some folks you love… as well as your own. CHANGE AND MAJOR MOVEMENTS BEGIN AT HOME, GOOD FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS ! Lend us an ear tonight, Gentle Listener. We might actually make sense to you ! – DJAMMIN’ it Every week since 2015 !!


DJMM 3-1-2018 Iconic Guitars

What’s the name of YOUR rock and roll guitar? Don’t have a rock guitar of your own, you say? Okay… what about an iconic guitar belonging to someone else who might have named it cleverly? Still none? WHaaa!!?? GET A LIFE !! But seriously folks,.. MadMan and the Doc sit down to set down and set out to sit down and see some of their most favorite GEE-tarrs of all time. From Fender Telecasters, to Stratocasters to Mosrite Gospel Surfer, Strats, all… we peek into the personas of some of rock’s iconic axes and spin a few yarns about concerts we have known. Join us tonite for a little talk about tight strings, loose finishes and missing E-strings from Captain Jack Sparrow’s Gee-pap’s gee-tar. DJAMM IT, folks !!