DJMM 6-1-2017 Stigler Chamber and other things!

Do you remember the first place you ever water skied? What about where you heard your first live music? Or participated in your first bona fide terrapin race? Well, for some of us, it all happened right here in this small town… perhaps on the one famed weekend every year ! Stigler’s Reunion Days doth approach As Shakespeare might have said, and Chamber of Commerce exec Jan Williams joins DJ and the MM tonight to catch us up on the wheres, whos, hows and whens of this year’s shindig. She also touches upon the upcoming infrastructure improvements such as the renovation of Stigler’s Main Street; the new Veteran’s Memorial Plaza on the Haskell County Courthouse lawn, and other important events in our area. Janice also takes a moment put to rest some persistent business rumors, as well as offering a great deal of hope and exciting news about what’s new and what’s next. Doc and MadMan also take a few minutes to talk about the D-Day invasion now more than seven decades past, the death of rock legend Gregg Allman and last week’s Memorial Day celebrations and all that they mean to the USA and our world. Join us for all of this, new talk of reviving Odie’s Ghostly Oldies and plenty of giggles, goofs and gargles that follow with the dynamic duo of dinking around. DJAMM IT TONITE !!!

DJMM 5-25-2017 Trumped Again!

MadMan and his partner Doc try to stay away from politics as much as possible. Whether it’s local politics or the national arena, they’ve found it best to stay neutral. That in mind, they decide once in awhile to look and see what the Prez is up to; particularly when one is making as much noise as this one does. DJMM takes a gander at the rants and raves regarding the policies of the Celebrity Apprentice star and the 25th Amendment. Special tributes also are on the agenda for this day in history, special birthdays and just general good deeds folks are doing around. Those topics, plus Jimmy Durante, Jean Harlowe and Topo Gigo, tonite on Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan. DJAMMin’ it ~~ !! xoxox

DJMM 5-16-2017 Pay it Forward

MadMan and Doc bid fond but sad farewell to an old rock icon whose success became too much. Plus, they reflect on what it takes to be just nice… and to just BE nice…. and let nice BE. We get a little sidetracked on this Flintstone and that pizza, what constitutes a Head Chef and what sous want is what sous should salve. All this, this day in history, popular anniversaries and SO much more fun banter. DJAMM-in’ it tonite with Doc and The MadMan. Be COOL !!!

DJMM 5-11-2017 Dream a little Dream

Birds singing in a sycamore tree… dream a little dream of… pee?? TOO-nite the Doc and MadMatt key in on a crucial ability that all intelligent beings share. NO, we’re not talking about understanding the Beverly Hillbillies and their jokes. We dream, don’t we? We talk about those self contained little mini-videos that play inside our brains each night when we slumber. If they’re bad, we call them nightmares. If they’re good, we call them Hollywood. MadMan shares his childhood skeleton mind-plays while the Doc squawks about barbed wire, pearl necklaces and billion dollar breakfast sausages. PLUS we talk about the friends of our youth, chocolate candies from M and M and the upcoming possibilities of an Equinox TWO… give or take a Nox ~ ~ ! All this plus Andy Rooney and Paul Schaeffer on DJAMM, D-jamm-IT ~~~ !!

DJMM 4-5-2017 May the 4th be with you!

Some stories live on forever. Certain urban legends, myths and downright prefabricated lies take on lives of their own. They capture our imaginations and in the case of some friends, overtake their conscious minds at the cost of reasonably accepted theory. What’s your favorite ghost story? Do things go ‘BUMP’ in the night around your place? What about the things you can’t explain, but certainly expect might happen? Doc and MadMan take a look at the theories round unsolved mysteries like Area 51, BigFoot, various assassination plots, the Big Book of Secrets and various other conspiracy theories. Tune in with us to check out what the Rothchild family might REALLY be worth, or the secrets that were divulged to Orange Don, O’Bama and Slick Willie alike. Check us out this week, DJAMM it !!

DJMM 4-27-2017 Slang through the years

“Are you the baddest raddest Dad a dude ever had? Is your car gnarly, your hair sweet and your tan like O.M.G !!!?? Well Doc and MM look at the slang of our previous ages and try to figure out just how in the dark we are today. We’re not sure how out to lunch we are, but we’re pretty sure we’re the bee’s knees ! DJAMM!

We also give the first look at our biography of Keota baseball great Enos Semore. We’ve put together a great narrative of this living legend’s life and want you guys to be able to read it.

DJMM 4-20-2017 Need we say more?…Yep!

“What’s the deal with 4/20 anyway?? On the date that’s become synonymous with smoking the five fingered leaf, MadMan and the Doc check out where the four and twenty allusion came into being and how just exactly it became “shorthand” for pot heads everywhere. Although the origins are spurious at best, the Dynamic Digital Duo take a peek at the various definitions and claimants to the ‘real’ meaning… although the people who actually came up with it are probably just too stoned to remember. BUT… one thing that we DO remember is… pot IS still illegal in Oklahoma, and it’s NEVER a good idea for anyone under legal drinking age to partake in anything that’s meant for grown ups. In fact… most of the grownups we know probably shouldn’t dabble in intoxicants either ! We also examine some unlikely birthday babies who might surprise you with their 4/20 birth dates; as well as a few things that have happened on or near the infamous unofficial Sweet Leaf Holiday. Check out our wise warnings of abstinence and the strange connections to the Pot Head’s National Arbor Day. Tonite, or DJAMM !

DJMM 4-6-2017 Diamonds and Vacations

If diamonds are forever, and forever is longer than always, then do you walk to school or work in the cafeteria? MadMan took a fascination with the Hope Diamond and Doc took a zig when he should have zagged, then missed the Mona Lisa at the Star Spangled Banner.

But seriously folks… DJMM takes a gander at the greater and finer goose sized diamonds in the world today. Pink, Blue, Fine, OH so fine or Incomparable, there are a bunch of diamonds in the world today. We talk about the Crater of Diamonds State Park which is just a four hour drive from here and the possibility of finding a fortune in gemstones there. Liz and Rich had a big one – diamond – and she wore it everywhere. From the eyes of idols to the ideal of millions tune in to DJAMM tonight to talk about these marvelous marvels of nature. DJAMMin’ it tonite !!!