DJMM 9-21-2017 Whats Going on Stigler America!

An orange cat with a Frisbee fixation. Pastries on Main. Concerts at the lake… does the fun never end in this town?? Doc and MadMan split the atom tonight and find the recipe for eternal life… wait…. that’s next week.
This week we spend some time at the re-vamped Roye Park where a new 9 hole disc golf course was recently installed. Fanciest think I’ve ever played upon, and I’ve been darn near to Enid ! We give the rundown before sundown on the sponsors for the Rock the Equinox concert on October 7 at our own under-sung swimming hole, Lake John Wells. Find a way to do those things before next week, or you’ll … be one who didn’t. lol
Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan are DJAMMin !


DJMM 9-14-2017 School Bond, Bugs and Other Things

Hang on to your collective hat this week well wishing listener; DJAMM has a blues song dug from the smoky, Okie archives of blues legends, “Jumpin’ Dog” Asoka Mayo, and the tragically tuned tonsils of Bill “Horseapple Willie” Long, to hear The School Bond Blues.” This crackly, echo-some platter hits home with some of the same issues our community faced in the last weeks. You can’t afford to miss it.
DJ and the MadMan also touch on the beautiful bugs of Oklahoma and confirm a long held folk legend about katydids and Plantar’s warts. Black humor horror and B cult movies round out the menu for tonite’s tunesome tribute. Seriously tho folks. Doc wails on some improv blues while MadMan TEARS UP the acoustic that lives with Ghostly Odie in our own blues studio ! Keep and open mind and a good sense of humor for this one, folks ! It’s liable to to viral ! Good Evenin’ ! – DJAMMin’ foa Shoa !!!

DJMM 9-7-2017 The Rat and the Rabbit Together Again!

Rat and Rabbit, together again. When’s the last time you talked about flying saucers (REAL ones ! ), ATHs, also known as “all terrain heifers” – and the full blown hurricane known as Irma that’s bearing down on the Gulf? All jokes aside, we do a moment of reverence this evening for the folks who are suffering due to the recent hurricane in Houston, and show great appreciation for our remote but safe little state.
We give a great deal of time to the sport of “Disc Golf” or “Frisbee Golf”, as our little town recently has installed a respectable handful of very nice goals in Roye Park. We talk at length about the game, its origins, the people who popularized it and where she got her name. Grampa Brown imparts some living history with us in a story about a grist mill that sat where DJAMM Studios does today, and we catch up with Six Flags, the Seven Legged calf, soon to be a traveling icon of learning, leg churning and hay burning. Tune in tonite as we get it RIGHT. !! DJAMM IT !

DJMM 8-31-2017 New School Days Frisbee Golf Craze and “How High’s the Water Mama!?”

DJAMM wonders aloud tonight: Is it Deja vu all over again if you, “…kiss an angel good morning, and love her like the Devil ’til you get back home… ” ? While it’s undoubtedly true that Yogi Berra and Charley Pride both had square and ideas about the angels who shared their lives, Doc and the MadMan talk tonite about different brands of angels that they’ve heard of, experienced and wish to see once, once again or just cross paths with. From the kinds who rescue neighbors and strangers suffering from floods, hurricanes and storm surges, to the brand who watch over us and are sent by a Higher Power to make sure life is good on this spinning speck of dust and water we call home. We also touch on the realities of our own ponderances, the differences in our value systems and why it feels so real to talk about something so abstract. Send us an angel… RIGHT NOW !! Call us with your angel experiences. DJAMM, is rockin’ tonight !! Doc and the MadMan LOVE IT !

DJMM 8-24-2017 Chasing Extreme Totality

What rhymes with “Bunceton” ? Well, MadMan and Doc arent’ sure, but they’re sure of one thing: it’s a Missouri town that’s full of fine folks, a wonderful old mansion and was directly in the Path of Totality for last Monday’s eclipse. Come hang an ear on your favorite dudes’s podcast as Doc relates the magical time during the Extreme Totality Excursion with friends Mike and Pam Fio. MadMan spent the time with the good folks at Stigler Printing, taking a few moments for himself on the Haskell County Court House lawn. The Cosmic Cowboys of South Broadway talk about controversial statues, local bidnezzes and the new Main Street surfaces. We talk about sports bikes, nature hikes and pipe dream about a half billion powerball birthday present. We’re wound up tight on this 99th year eclipse-cast. Tonight we be DJAMMin’ with 80 moon related songs and gasp in awe over a phone video at the Ozzie MoonStock concert in Illinois. Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan, your fellow travelers on this mudball spaceship headed for GORK. DJAMM !!!

DJMM 8-17-2017 Red Herring Politics and Failed Toys

When you cross a Red Herring with a stretchy-snake and cap it all off with a bronze statue bound for the cemetery… well, there’s bound to be a solid joke in there summerz’… or some where’s ! MadMan charges Doc with the challenge of reaching back into their respective childhoods on the anniversary of Doc’s six-tuple heart bypass surgery, praising his Maker, friends and all the folks who held up prayers. On a lighter note, Six Flags the multi-legged calf has found a happy home on the road with a traveling family show. Who knows? She’ll probably be the first many be-legged bovine to brave the beaches, bars and bright lights of the big cities in North America ! We gape and gander at our orange haired leader as he barks and bloviates on every subject from the “very fine people” of the less-than-savory groups who holler about keeping Civil War statues and the funky haired Supreme Leader of the Noff Korean peninsula.
We look at these things, the failed toys of yester-yore and various and assundried thangs that make our days worthwhile on this fine planet.
Join us as we DJAMM it another night, another week, another round of double-speak ! Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan ! YOWZAHHH !

DJMM 8-10-2017 T-minus Dog Days and counting

“A funny thing happened on the way to the Space Shuttle launch… ” Yep, as a feller or gal might imagine we have a friend and cousin who worked on the space shuttle program. Cousin Patty from Cincinatti visited with us about her time as a quality engineer for that batch of flying machines, and she shares her experiences with us. Patti was a California girl for most of her life, lived in the desert near the legendary Coachella Valley. We hear about citrus, and gila monsters; golf resorts, the best airports and how a longhorn sheep snorts when they come down in the middle of the Bob Hope Classic. Join us as Patty tells us how dates DO grow on trees … but not the kind you have to meet someone’s Mom and Dad over. All this, the latest on Rock the Equinox, How to Grease Your Flamethrower without shutting it down, and a test on MadMan’s memory about the International Space Station on tonight’s Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan ! We Be DJAMMIN’ !! = Doc AND MadMan ~ !

DJMM 8-3-2017 Blinded me by Science!

What has seven hooves, a range of 99 miles and a hairstyle that’s only Trumped in bad taste by its owner’s ? Why THIS DJAMM, of course ! Join MadMan and the Dawk as they explore the possibilities of traveling to see this year’s full eclipse, the new generation of electric cars, and how much it costs to get into a brand new car if you’re on a budget. The Dynamic Duo of DownTown Stig bust a gut as they talk about the county’s latest special birth; a seven legged bull calf named Six Flags. What’s next for the upcoming episodes for our crimefighting crusaders?? Well, break out your cape, sharpen your wits and find a good comfortable place to sit. We’re dug in for a good time as we approach our second anniversary on the air and the first annie of The Donald’s own FBI investigation into Russian meddling, influence peddling and bad hair fiddling ! BE SWEET, DON’T RETREAT ! WE’re DJAMMIN’ tonight !!! – DJ and MM

DJMM 7-27-2017 Deep Inside Resusci-Annie

What do Tilda Swinton, Mia Goth, Donald Trump and Resusci-Annie have in common? What you you mean ” I don’t know !??” Good heavens… all you gotta do is… well… tune in and see what Doc and the MadMan have spun and saved for you this week. They talk about the need and appreciation for good police and military, and how lucky we all are to have the ones we do have. Also, we do a little turn and spin on The Donald’s recent tweets on those who are not quite the men – or women – they once were in the military. Why are there bobcats roaming the streets of our fair cities? Who lays claim to being the model for the CPR doll we all have grown to love – and kiss?? And why can NOBODY remember her name? All this, the reasons why apes, geckos and platypae all only have one nose on tonight’s Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan. Be cool, don’t drool and obey your teachers in skool, young tranny!! DJAMMIN it tonite !

DJMM 7-13-2017 It’s so Hot

How hot was it today at your house? Did it involve fried eggs and sidewalks? Popped corn and frozen cows? Lizards? Stilts? Skateboards with freezer units?? Doc and MadMan talk tonight about the heat, The Donald and the Dos and Don’ts of White House living. Also we touch upon various other aspects of country living, the good people here and the new public works projects that have been taking shape in the last several weeks.
Also, our listener base is growing and going thanks to YOU, dear friends and we thank you for it. As soon as we hit ten million listeners a week, we’re having everyone over for home made ice cream and fried pickles.
DJAMMin’ it tonite, folksies!! DJAMM !