DJMM 7-30-2019 episode 203 Froggie went a Courting

Welcome, Welcome, WELCOME ! The night is young when your heart sings full. Summer brings the warmth that fosters much Bull ! Tonite, in the spirit of that “Bull”, Doc and the MadMan visit a tad about certain tee shirts which have come to find a place in Americana and contemporary culture. MadMan shares his running experiences and Doc talks tomatoes, tom cats and top Dawgs, et. al. Join us tonite for more of the same, only different ! IT’S DJAMMIn’, OKIE TUSK STYLE !

DJMM 7-2-2019 episode 199 This Land is your Land

With all fun and joking in its place, MadMan and the DaffyDoc Do enjoy the flash of firework and the smoke of spent gunpowder cloaking the pastures and hillsides. We eagerly anticipate the days when ground tremblors brings the report of the charges spreading across the open country.

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY ! We decided to reach into the folk vault and found a classic by Woody Guthrie. And as with most of the tunes we craft, we spun it into our own fusion of Country, Pop, Jazz and Blues and called it Okie Tusk !

Join us tonight as we once again begin to solve the issues surrounding our crowded minds and insulting our collective intellect. We’re so sharp, we didn’t even realize we’d chosen a patriotic song for the Fourth ! 😀

DJMM 6-25-2019 episode 198 When I’m 64

“When I stay out ’til quarter to three, will you lock the door?” We’ve all said it. Sneaked in late, trying not to make any noise and wake anyone. Only to trip over the rug, step on the cat and break a glass all in one fell swoop.

Doc and MadMan continue on their journey through the Great American Songbook with this beetles classic, followed by talk of Alligators in the Arkansas river (IT’S TRUE !), songs of the Equinox and the good folks who keep Roye Park clean, safe and functioning. Hang with us for regular banter on the state of the area, State and country. We be DJAMMin” !

DJMM episode 197 6-18-2019 Going to the Country

Alligators in Oklahoma. Sounds like a fish story, eh? Nope. They’re here … and in Lake Eufaula, no less ! Holy dinosaur, BatDude ! MadDude and the Batty Doc visit a bit about the newly discovered revenants of another epoch… IOW… them Alligators done made it to the Fly-Over States. They talk more about the shape of things in school systems, more disc golf and MadMan even reveals his own accomplishment. He’s running half marathons now ! Holy Kraut and Hold the relish. He’s hot doggin’. Come to think of it, MadMan’s hosting a disc golf evening at Roye Park in the Big Stig this Saturday at 18:00-ish ! That’s gonna be where NW 9th and NW 10th dead-end on the north side of the Stigler Metro area. If you’ve never been out there, you’re cheating yourself. Kudos go out to Friend of DJMM, Flo Conklin and her group for the diligence in keeping the park in REMARKABLE shape TODAY, TOMORROW AND FOREVER !

Check in with us as we do that cover on Goin’ Down to the Country where the water taste’ like wiiiine ! Go ahead and jump in that water and stay drunk all the time, but BEWARE THE DINOSAURS ! DJAMM IT !

DJMM 6-11-2010 episode 196 imaginary lover

It’s Reunion Days weekend in our neck of the planet, but that doesn’t stop us from cavorting with Hell’s Angels in Monterey, CA ! MadDude and the Doc revisit some old tales of partying with the Hell’s Angels in a California broccoli patch. More talk of disc golf, terrapin races and such high brow pastimes as to make a stuffed shirt positively FLUTTER ! Lend us an ear when we talk about beer, even though neither of us drinks a drop of it. lol We’re trolling up on 200 episodes, dear Devoted and Gentle Listeneers, and we’d like to say we do it ALL for you. But we actually do it for ourselves, so that would be a lie, wouldn’t it??!! Dr. Jeffrey and the Madmann DJAMMIN’ TOOOO-NITE !