DJMM 4-6-2017 Diamonds and Vacations

If diamonds are forever, and forever is longer than always, then do you walk to school or work in the cafeteria? MadMan took a fascination with the Hope Diamond and Doc took a zig when he should have zagged, then missed the Mona Lisa at the Star Spangled Banner.

But seriously folks… DJMM takes a gander at the greater and finer goose sized diamonds in the world today. Pink, Blue, Fine, OH so fine or Incomparable, there are a bunch of diamonds in the world today. We talk about the Crater of Diamonds State Park which is just a four hour drive from here and the possibility of finding a fortune in gemstones there. Liz and Rich had a big one – diamond – and she wore it everywhere. From the eyes of idols to the ideal of millions tune in to DJAMM tonight to talk about these marvelous marvels of nature. DJAMMin’ it tonite !!!

DJMM 3-16-2017 Things that Drive Ya Crazy!

What gets your goat? What peeves your pet? Steams your cabbage, jams your… jam ? LOL.. Well, the MadMan and Doc decided definitively to delve down deep during a duplicity of damn good days and a long night to determine what just generally pissed them off. So this is it. We talk about The Donald, butt pickers, food smackers, gum chompers and just generally rude folks in general. Join us to see if your favorite or most hated is in this list. We guarantee you won’t leave unscathed. ! DJAMM it, Dude !! – D N MM

DJMM 3-9-2017 Trump VS Trump

Who was it that said that rules were made to be broken? Well, we’re not sure, but The Donald has to carry a sampler in his pocket with that embroidered on it ! We LOVE the new Prez and want him to succeed, because that will mean that the USA is thriving. However, we just can’t ignore the Twitter clinkers that the Commander in Chief has dropped lately. Talk about… wow.

So, MadMan and the Doc decided to take an episode to talk about Trump’s First Fifty. We know that the press generally likes to gab about the first hundred, but there’s JUST TOO MUCH in the first half to ignore ! This guys is not only his own best friend, but… well… you know.

That being the case, the title we cooked up says it all… wanna understand more just tune in… DJMM OUT!

DJMM 3-2-2017 Fishing Fever

Things get a little fishy on the DJAMM show tonight! Tune in and brush up on your fishing lures, technique and types of fish to catch in Oklahoma! We have an outdoor enthusiast that shares a plethora of fishing knowledge! So… what are you waiting for…check it out and tell us about your catch of the day! Its time to be out there while the getting is good! DAJAMM OUT!

DJMM 2-23-2017 Spring into Spring

What are the 20 most overlooked things that new bands should know before embarking on that long, lost highway to fame?? Check in with Doc and The MadMan on this, the Feb 23, episode, as they welcome Travis Tonight, lovable headbanging drum slamming hard rocker from these parts. He shares with us his take on living the dream, sharing it with friends and all the things that happen – good and bad – along the Long Strange Trip that IS Rock and Roll-dom. All this, plus Andy Rooney, Elvis and Queen Latifah, tonight on DJMM! DON”T MISS OUT !

DJMM 2-18-2017 Vague Vendetta

Remember the days when Christmas seemed a lifetime away? When it seemed like it would be a lifetime before July 4th and fireworks got here; or the days when we counted down until our 16th birthday and getting the driver’s license? Well, today was much like that for Doc and The MadMan, cuz we’ve been waiting on Vague Vendetta to show up since they’ve been a band. But TONIGHT – tonight they showed up and gave us an hour of hard talking, open book interviews that we’ll remember for a lifetime. Front rocker chick Tegan Freeman, lead guitarists Ashton, and Larry, Bassist and vocalist Stephan and drummer Brian Briscoe came through in spades. They brought school to DJAMM studios and taught us Rock Theory 101, 202, and IOU. Never had a band exemplified the meaning of the word they created: “BAM-ILY” , a band family. Join us tonight on Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan as we meet up with one of the biggest collective hearts in the business; a group whose sum truly is much greater than its genius parts. No sick, high school covers with these guys; Even their renditions of favorite tunes are their own, and their own original music is enough to make a grown man cry. And it did ! – DJAMM it, Bam it, with BAMILY tonite – Doc and MadMan Matt !

DJMM 2-9-2017 Gracie Murrell

O. M. G. … Brace yourself good people, for you have no idea what you’re in for. Take a little girl, install an angel’s voice, an impish personality, and paste on a devilish smile under a red mane and freckled face… yup, that’s Gracie. Who better to belt out a classic from The King, than The undisputed Queen of Okie Tusk, Gracie Murrell. This ornery model student favored DJMM with her cherubic pipes and “dorky” personality tonight, singing four, no,… five (?) songs including “Hallelujah” and an old fave from The King himself. We caught an entire hour from the soon-to-be famous high school Junior from Stigler. She played Matt’s funky 70’s era StyleUhPhone, an accordian, her Fender acoustic and was eyeing our Groovy 60’s Yamaha Party Master organ in the corner. If you need a laugh, or a dozen, pop in for musical one-hit wonder with Gracie’s sweet, angelic tones. Tonight on Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan. DJAMM-It. Say Hello, Gracie !

DJMM 2-2-2017 Odie’s Ghostly Oldies Tribute

“With Silver wings upon his chest, they are men… America’s best” Yep, we play The Ballad of the Green Berets tonight as part of our Odie’s Ghostly Oldies tribute. We felt we’d been neglecting our favorite resident ghost (we’re not sure if we have more, so just hedging the bet), so we played an eclectic group of songs.
It was a strange day, after saying goodbye to a very unique, hard laughing, hard living friend, we were drawn to the power of music as interpreted by a number of artists who see the world in a different ways. The Police, Sheb Wooley, Sargent Barry Sadler and Jeff Beck top our Odie’s Chart tonight, plus we talk a bit about February 2 and the rat we all love up in PA. This and more, more MORE on Dr. Jeffrey and the Madman tonight.YEEE–HAAWWWWW !!! – DJAMM IT, BY DAMMITT!!!
This is an unofficial RIP tribute to our old friend Stacey Cole. Love you man. Godspeed. Let us know what it’s like after this world. Come for a visit ! -DJAMM