DJMM 2-9-2017 Gracie Murrell

O. M. G. … Brace yourself good people, for you have no idea what you’re in for. Take a little girl, install an angel’s voice, an impish personality, and paste on a devilish smile under a red mane and freckled face… yup, that’s Gracie. Who better to belt out a classic from The King, than The undisputed Queen of Okie Tusk, Gracie Murrell. This ornery model student favored DJMM with her cherubic pipes and “dorky” personality tonight, singing four, no,… five (?) songs including “Hallelujah” and an old fave from The King himself. We caught an entire hour from the soon-to-be famous high school Junior from Stigler. She played Matt’s funky 70’s era StyleUhPhone, an accordian, her Fender acoustic and was eyeing our Groovy 60’s Yamaha Party Master organ in the corner. If you need a laugh, or a dozen, pop in for musical one-hit wonder with Gracie’s sweet, angelic tones. Tonight on Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan. DJAMM-It. Say Hello, Gracie !

DJMM 2-2-2017 Odie’s Ghostly Oldies Tribute

“With Silver wings upon his chest, they are men… America’s best” Yep, we play The Ballad of the Green Berets tonight as part of our Odie’s Ghostly Oldies tribute. We felt we’d been neglecting our favorite resident ghost (we’re not sure if we have more, so just hedging the bet), so we played an eclectic group of songs.
It was a strange day, after saying goodbye to a very unique, hard laughing, hard living friend, we were drawn to the power of music as interpreted by a number of artists who see the world in a different ways. The Police, Sheb Wooley, Sargent Barry Sadler and Jeff Beck top our Odie’s Chart tonight, plus we talk a bit about February 2 and the rat we all love up in PA. This and more, more MORE on Dr. Jeffrey and the Madman tonight.YEEE–HAAWWWWW !!! – DJAMM IT, BY DAMMITT!!!
This is an unofficial RIP tribute to our old friend Stacey Cole. Love you man. Godspeed. Let us know what it’s like after this world. Come for a visit ! -DJAMM

DJMM 1-25-2017 Flippin for a Living

Are you thrifty? Do your friends tell you that you spend too much time shopping for bargains? Does Canton, Texas arouse your sense of adventure in the same way that others feel about Disneyland? Then this week’s DJAMM is for YOU ! MadMan and the Doc have become hooked on the evangelistic YouTube vids that RockStar Flipper has put out. He’s a professional ‘Thrifter’, or a person who buys something locally, marks it up and puts it online. Doc and MadMan are starting their own individual sales adventures, and it will be fun to see what they sell, save and otherwise enjoy. We also pay tribute to Mary Tyler Moore, another of America’s sweetheart’s who we lost today at age 80. Not to be least was 60’s rock icon and genius Butch Trucks, the great drummer and co-founder of the Allman Brothers Band. RIP Butch and Mary. Heaven is two geniuses richer tonight. Visit us tonite and hear the music, the stories and the ideas we’ve sprouted on the spot

DJMM 1-19-2017 The Destination

When does one plus 1 plus uno equal 43? When it’s the ages of our musical guests, the Destination ! Doc and the MadMan eagerly welcomed Chase Prince, Isaac Williams and Michael McCormick back for an encore visit to the show. Since their last appearance on DJMM, the trio have become more polished, confident and broader in their musical repertoire, boasting an unknown number of songs and two solid set lists ! January 19’s episode brings Destination’s version of some Tom Petty, Cody Canada and others, numbering five in all. These young men are on their way up, and will be well on the road to success – once any of them gets old enough to get a driver’s license ! Tune into Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan and enjoy the banter, a dose of Star Wars and Dukes of Hazzard trivia and just some good young people making good music. Catch it, but don’t drop it – it’s HOT ! – DJAMM !

DJMM 1-12-2017 Reliance Code Rocklahoma 2017

True to their name, Reliance Code showed up and rocked us with some great news about their band tonight. The ‘soon to be’ headliners have made the cut to be on the event banner for Rocklahoma, 2017 ! Stigler’s own bunch of mainstream rockers has come a long way in the ten months since they visited with us last. Bassist Josh Roach, front man Todd Falconer, guitar god Shane Diego and uber-tight colleague ax man Cody Peebles spent an hour with us discussing how it all came to be, their philosophy on their music and where the feelings come from.¬†“Come hang with us all tonight as we spend the whole podcast discussing the evolution of this ‘band family” and the brand of emotion they serve with each guitar lick, vocal kick and slap of the skins.
It’s DJMM, January 12, 2017 – DJAMM !!!

DJMM 1-5-2017 Pizza, Donuts and Banter

Pizza, please-ahhh ! Whatever you call it; college round steak, ‘za, pizza pie, or just dinner, pizza is one of everyone’s favorite dishes. Madman’s craving for the round cheese pies we all cave toward occasionally led to an interesting quest for the history of pizza and a trip to the Total Express, a local pizza favorite stop. January 8 is the birthday of The King himself, and if you don’t who that is, then you REALLY really need to listen to this week’s episode of DJMM. Donuts, Amazon and eBay shopping and selling are just a few of the deep and powerful subjects this worldly pair examine closely. Tune in, turn on and add parmesan. We’re worth another slice ! It’s Dr. Jeffrey and the Madman with extra cheese ! – DJMM

DJMM 12-29-2016 Happy New Year!

Doc and the Madman know that it was a bad week to be a celebrity in America. Star Wars movie icon and Hollywood royalty Carrie Fisher died, followed by her mother Debbie Reynolds, a marquee goddess left over from the golden age of Hollywood. Singer George Michael died Thursday in his sleep. Madman did his research and dug up some good stuff on all these folks and the legacies they left. #famousrichpeopleproblems. We also talk about the crazy things that happened in the last year, what happens when certain “delicate” medical procedures go RIGHT. It’s all tied together with a healthy dose of tongue-in-cheek humor plus our normal ramblings, rants and raging humor. Visit with us tonight at DJAMM! – Dr. Jeffrey and the Madman.

DJMM 12-15-2016 Merry Christmas

What was 2016 for Doc and the MadMan?? Ohhh.. just a big outdoor concert, a dozen guests, 50 hours of podcasts, dozens of new friends, new song releases, and TONS of new information about our town, the people who love it and the way we live. Not much, we say. Doc talks about new persective after major heart surgery, and the duo r-hash the happenings around the world and bid RIP to those who we lost along the way. There more, but it’s not a bore, so open your door… for 2017 as we say so long to a year for the record books ! DJAMM it !

DJMM 12-8-2016 Consider the Raven

Consider if you will, a young band with a great mindset, heads square on their shoulders, squeaky clean, friendly and hard working. Now consider the fact that they’re home grown, talented and own a sound like no other you’ve ever heard in any genre of music. Now… Consider the Raven is the name. Trevor McBane, Kelsey Shelton, Kyle Shelton and Levi “Fiddler” Mason visited with Doc and the MadMan tonight. Back home for a short break after their first tour with BIG name Christian band, Cleansed by Fire, CTR has a new look, a fresh name and the same great sound that launched their burgeoning success when they called themselves The Kingdom. It only required the tiniest bit of urging to get them to sing a few of their original tunes for us, plus an old time honored favorite. Christians by nature, theme and heart, their cross over appeal is certain to win fans from every corner of the popular music charts. Tune in and turn on to these brilliantly talented young people on their third visit to DJAMM Studios. We be DJAMMin’ tonite! – DJ and MM. Peace IN!!!

DJMM 12-1-2016 Biohackers

We’re kicking off this December with a different slant. We’re not really hoping for a white Christmas, but ¬†with today’s technology, we’ll know if the dog will be trace-able if he misses dinner and wassail ! The talk shifts to the leaps and bounds that medical technology has take in the recent past, with bio technology, cyber punk and the junk that kids funk up their faces with today. Can we depend on tiny patches of circuitry to read our thoughts? Our bones set by little ‘bots? Well, like it or ‘nots’, it’s here. We look at some of the great things that medicine may bring and discuss some of the more unsettling things that darker minds may present. Also, Doc’s got a new look for his first book, now available on our FB page, ’tis all the RAGE! Read Witching Water, via the written page ! It’s the December 1, 2016 version of Dr. Jeffrey and The MadMan ! DJAMMin’ it !