DJMM 9-29-2016 JACKPOT!!!

What’s better than free radio, free ice cream and the free adoration of eveyone you meet?? Well…. not much, actually. 😉 But Dr. Jeffrey and the Madman Show is pretty dadburn close tonite ! We talk about the origins of casinos and organized horse racing in Oklahoma, the concept of graphic novels and all the good people who have helped make the DJMM show a HIT through the last year ! Tune in and hear our take on that, and to just generall hear us ‘take on’ ! Dermatological issues, old movies, new music, chronic habits and more, more MORE ! Dr. Jeffrey and the Madman, September 29, 2016. – DJMM

DJMM 9-22-2016 Cartoons

You are never too old to be a cartoon fan! We go on a nostalgic journey to the cartoon world! As usual we sidetrack in to some related, but not specifically related to the cartoon world…ever hear of beta, why is called a clicker??? Seriously you will have to listen to understand…Have a Great Week and Thank You for Listening!!! DJMM

DJMM KATYA 9-22-2016 Numb in my Own Place Release

What better time to release a new single from an Equinox rocker than on the eve of the Equinox itself?! It’s our pleasure to present the release of Numb in My Own Place, a new single from Katya of KatyaMusic. Katya promised us at the beginning of Summer 2016 she would make the single available on DJMM, and she is a professional, hard rocking woman of her word and of the WORLD! Thank you, Katya for all you’ve done with us at Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan, at Rock the Equinox 2016 and best of luck to you in the future tour of Japan. Without further delay, for the first time anywhere, here is Numb In My Own Place, by Katya !

DJMM 9-15-2016 Fall has Fell

There’s nothing quite like Autumn in Oklahoma. The birds are heading south, the hay is in the barn and the music… well it’s better than ever ! This week, MadMan and Doc dust off the Vinyl Vault for the sound track of FM, a movie focusing on the golden age of frequency modulation radio in the late 1970s. We also talk about The heroes of the Paralympic Games in Rio, all of whom match up to their traditional Olympic counterparts, and are perhaps even more amazing ! Though we don’t dwell on it, we lash out at the Presidential candidates and their petty complaints and snarky comments, and reminisce about our old friend Alfred E. Neumann and his much beloved magazine. If you don’t know the name of this rag, then you GOTTA tune in tonight to take that stroll down Silly Lane with us. All that and MUCH more on Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan tonight ! – DJAMM

DJMM 9-8-2016 The Bear Hunter

Summer is rapidly winding down and we’re looking forward to white tail season. It’s in the air, but so is /are … BEAR?? !! That’s right, outdoor enthusiast and sportsman extraordinaire Kellen Davis joins us tonite and tells us about the steps necessary to have a successful Black Bear hunting season in Oklahoma. Open only in four counties, this is the fourth year for the bovine to join the ranks of baggable game on the Oklahoma Dept. of Wildlife list. Davis tells us about Black Bear habits, their history in the state of Oklahoma, what they love to eat and how they DO enjoy in a goodie barrel ! Find out what “bear crack” is, and it might surprise you. lol. That, a few thoughts on the Paralympics in Rio and other ideas, notions and musings on this week’s Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan! – DJAMM !

DJMM 9-1-2016 September is Fallsy Ballsy

MadMan and the Doc are back in full swing tonite as they discuss Fall-sy things. College football highlights and the best parts of the Rock the Equinox Concert last weekend. Our resident ghost Uncle Odie makes a special spectral appearance and spins a Boz Scaggs platter straight from the vinyl vault. Doc also takes a few minutes to thank everyone who helped and prayed while he was out with open heart surgery. It’s bid-nezz as usual with DJAMM! That and more. Check us OUT !

DJMM 8-24-2016 The Doc is In, Rock the Equinox is on the Way

Well folks…what can I say, Dr Jeffrey is back and gives us all an update. I know everyone wants to hear how things are… Then we discuss our 100 days of concert prep, anticipation and future outlook of what Rock the Equinox is all about for us. Short and Sweet of it…we got a concert to put on this weekend…we…yea thats right WE…Dr. Jeffrey and the Madman will see you there!!!

DJMM 8-18-2016 Get Well Dr. Jeffrey

Tonight Nick Hensley and Jake Ford sit in with the Madman. We read shoutouts from Listeners and Fans sending their love thought and prayers to Doc, I must admit I really miss having my podcast partner, but knowing he is doing well and recovering makes me happy! So Jeff…this show is for you! Get well and listen to Jake jam some originals! Nick, Jake and I also discuss 2017 movies to come!

DJMM 8-11-2016 The Devil You Adore Special

The Devil You Adore Shares Past, Present and Future Fun with DJAMM.

Hard working. Trustworthy. Moralistic. Talented. Four words that aren’t always used together to describe one person, let alone a group of them. But, The Devil You Adore isn’t just any old group. No way.

During their second appearance on DJAMM show tonight. Dizzy D. B.A. Barraw and Travesty gave listeners a good glimpse into that band’s depth of character. Don’t let the name fool you. These folks have a work ethic and sense of humanity that extends far past so-called humanitarians. The name only refers to everyone’s favorite vice; food, TV, video, clothes, work – we all have one. These folks are no more ‘devil oriented’ than chocolate cake or boiled egg halves at Thanksgiving.
Lead singer Dizz tells us about her earliest influences, her favorite parts about being in a band, and why she chose this group of dudes to sing with; dudes who are all much older than her 19 years. It’s an interesting and compelling tale
DYA tells us about their performances at this year’s Rocklahoma and the people responsible for making all that happen. They also do a shout out to special people who have helped them along the way, including promoters, venues and just plain ol’ good people. People much like they are.
We also take time to thank our growing list of sponsors for the upcoming Rock the Equinox concert at Lake John Wells on August 27. Come out from under your rock and rock with US on that day! Go to to see details and find out where you can get your tickets.
This is one for the books and the bookers folks ! Hear and meet the band partially responsible for the Okie Tusk genre, and what their plans are for the future. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn what they’ve been up to, and what they have up their rock and roll sleeves.
Peace-In, gentle listeners. Rock out with your… socks out.
– DJ and MM
August 11, 2016

DJMM 8-4-2016 Gracie Murrell Special

This podcast is a special one, featuring a special gal – Stigler’s own Gracie Murrell ! Doc and MadMan pretty much devoted the entire hour to Gracie and her unique sweet-and-special voice. What a personality. Gracie’s confidence and stage presence comes through strong and pure, much like her renditions of favorite songs such as Dolly Parton’s “Jolene”. She tells DJMM about what’s been going on in her exciting world, including trips to Nashville, performances in Angel Fire and Branson, and exciting people she’s met all along the way. Much like many of the young performers who’ve come on the show, Gracie is well on her way to much greater things. Well mannered, funny, smart and squarely situated emotionally, this young woman will set you, gentle listener, back on your heels and in your most comfy “listening chair.”
Take the time to tune in and hear the latest developments taking place for this lovely and talented young woman. You’ll be proud someday (soon!) to say that you remember her from her early days on Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan. Tune in or miss out ! Peace-In ! – DJ and MM