DJMM 10-19-2017 Lahey Tribute a Yellow-jacket and Truck-driving

IT seems to happen too often. We watch a beloved TV character on one evening of relaxing, then discover the next morning he or she has passed on. Actor John Dunsworth who played the lovable lush Lahey on TV’s Trailer Park Boys passed away on Wednesday according to family members. Doc and the MadMan say a heart felt goodbye to the man behind the man who kept Ricky in line, Bubbles in his storage building and Randy in cheeseburgers. RIP, Leahy. We gon’ miss you.
Tonight we also talk about the old cars from TPB, the ever bulky and timeless mid-1970s Chrysler New Yorkers. IN the same vein, we chat a bit about other old gaz gusslers of that excessively consumptive era and take a peek into the world of long haul truckers. All those things and MadMan’s latest jam on the intro and outro of our great show. Join us for a laugh tonight ! DJAMMin’ with Me and MadMan ! BE SWEET!!!


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