DJMM 10-25-2018 Whistling through the Graveyard

Mary, Mary… Marry ME ! When is the last time you took the time to write down a poem? What about song lyrics? No? Okay, what about just a joke that you thought was so funny you hadda save it for later? Still nothing, eh? Well tune in tonight and listen to D and MM for a glimpse into the tired but still supple brains of the DeadHead Duet ! We take a moment to salute Halloween,and talk bout the importance of Neewollah in Independence. if you’re blanking out on the description, then you need to catch what we say about Freddy Mercury. A somber reemembrance is in order for the man who coined the phrase “MicroSoft”, then went on to make a cool $28 Billion on the company. Paul Allen died this week of lymphoma. He was 65. Too young, but we have a hard time feeling sorry for a billionaire, eh?! Keep watch as we spin out a ditty called “Whistling Through the Graveyard”, or “Mary, Mary, Marry ME !”. We’ve worked for hours getting it just right so that you can pass it on to future generations of DJAMMERS ! Don’t be uncool, stay with us tonite for MadMan’s MindBlowers and a taste of the magnificent, the rare, and exquisite. DJAMM yourself or regret it for… a week ! LOL – DJAMM

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