DJMM 10-4-2017 Getting Ready to Rock The Equinox

Recipe for a great weekend: Find a dog, a couple of band moms, a “bam-ily” dinner and some die hard rock fans. Okay… not take them to the coolest little lake in Oklahoma. Not too big, not too small, beautiful setting. Now, bring a few hundred friends, some cool guitars and your most talented buddies with their love interests and mix them all together. Whatdya got ! ?? Rock the Equinox this weekend at Lake John Wells in Stigler ! Scorned, Solidify, Switchbach, Claim Your Enemy, Reliance Code & Vague Vendetta are all coming with their fan contingent to support, cheer on their friends and watch Fall take ahold of our fair segment of Oklahoma ! Also we say goodbye to a Rock legend… observe a moment of reverence for those affected most deeply by the Vegas shootings and talk a little bit about old police cars. We be Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan, Baybeeee ! YEAHHH !!!! DJAMMITT ~~!!!


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