DJMM 10-6-2016 The Bear Hunter 2

Now it’s just not every day that you can say you’ve stood in the presence of a bear hunter. It’s a rarer day still that you can say you’ve podcasted with one of them. But perhaps the rarest of all is to say that you’ve broadcast a podcast from a haunted bear’s nest in at town that’s home to … well, you’ll have to tune in and find out the way that sentence comes out ! Join MadMan and the Doc as they quiz and quake with laughter and interest with Stigler sportsman and conservationist Kellen Davis. Davis is an active hunter who has taken on the task of bringing in his first black bear during some of the very first legal black bear seasons. Did he bag a black bear? Was brown bruin brung ’bout to be entertained, fed heartily and braised for brunch? Answer those interesting questions and dozens of bear bagging hints, tips, dos and don’ts you’ve never dreamt of on this, the October 6, 2016 episode of Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan. Kellen Davis makes it ALL worth listening to ! -Peace-In, Winnie ! The hunny pot runneth overahhhh ! – DJ and MM.

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