DJMM 11-16-2017 Gypsies, Giants and Jammin’ Again !

DJMM 11-16-2017 Gypsies, Giants and Jammin' Again !
Hey ! Has anybody seen my Sweet Gypsy Rose? Who exactly ARE the gypsies anyway, and what do they do? Where did they come from? Do we know any? Doc and the MadMan discuss all of these things, including their history, their DNA make up, what they do and have done for a living and their rich and varied MUSICAL traditions and abilities ! For the Slam Fam Fans around tonite, we talk about the One and Only Great Andre the Giant and his massive paws. Casts of the big man’s hands, along with many others are scattered across the globe along with the legends of his super human exploits in the ring, on the barstool and sometimes even at the beach ! We sing a little Eagle song tonight, but not the Tony Orlando ditty we teased you with. lol. So hang in there, and give us a listen. ONE hour a day will make your long day more and more tolerable at work, home or in solitary confinement. DJAMM it when you CAN ! 


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