DJMM 11-9-2018 Food, Foliage and Fun!

Whats new on the DJAMM front? Well, it’s Food, Foliage, Fun and Funky Friends, FRIENDS ! MadMan and the Doc vent a tad about road trips and bad food, beautiful leaves on the trees and our favorite types of chewing gum, grapefruit seeds and PIzza from Total Express. ! A special shout out to our friends Donnie and Vera who are in Little Rock during Donnie’s chemotherapy barrage. We love you guys ! MadMan talks a bit about his upcoming vaycay, MadMama up in Stillwater and Ahsoka the Wonder Pin. Doc has his own ideas about elections, politicians and why some people should never be allowed to procreate. All this stuff, and funny stories BOUT PEOPLE YOU’VE NEVER MET !!! WE BE DJAMMIN, SO DJAMM IT HARD !!

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