DJMM 12-13-2019 TV Dinners

Enchiladas. Teriaki. Cordon Bleu… yeahhhh… What flava is your fave TV Din-din? Ours is ZZ TOP !! Yuppers… MadMan and the Mad Doc twist off, rear back, jump up and shell out a classic cover from that Little Band From Texas… Daaayyyyummm them boyzz can make a lotta noise for three boys !! So what else are we up to… ? Oh yeah… we mourn the loss of our favorite cartoonist and Marvel legend. Stan Lee. Doc was out in the dark regarding the legend’s death, but openly ranted at the universal hole it’s left Top Pop culture. The Mad One himself reveals the latest in our creative efforts. It’s truly amazing to us that we’ve managed to put together a full length digital album featuring all the covers and original songs we’ve belted during the last 52 weeks. So tune in, jump on, listen up and get DOWN to this week’s DJAMM D Rants. It’s worth your time and dollars, DJAMMIT !! – DJ and MM.

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