DJMM 12-21-2017 Merry Christmas

Skip your podcast once, shame on you. Skip your podcast twice, well… you’re only being a dum dum, hurting yourself, cutting off your broadcast to spite your podcast, … the list goes on. MadMan and the Doc are BACK, and are up to their old tricks. Tonite’s fun and fodder foams and steams from all conceivable and original orifae of the human CORN-dishhun… We visit a bit about the indigent prisoner cemetery out yonder in McAlester, where the old prisoners go to be buried when nobody comes to claim them. Depressing, no? Well, we thought so too, but Trump thought it was a RIOT and insisted we make fun of them. So being afraid he’d remove our funding and harass us, we complied. Also, we talk abit about our associates who have a little different take on the world in general, and what they do for fun on Friday nights. It JUST so happens that Peckerwood Hill ( the name for the prison cemetery in McAlester) is RIGHT acrost the street from Fat Mary’s, Eastern Oklahoma’s NUMBER ONE source for Altertnative Entertaining and entertainment, cabaret competitions and cocktail training schools. Also happens to be the ONLY one. It’s no wonder that they gain clientele far and wide, near and far, in and out, Up and Down and back’ard and for’ards from all over. We talk about music, poetry, rappin’, wrapping, wefting and warping as we discuss one lucky couple’s 60 year marriage in their private sojourn through this world. This little light of ourn’ we gotta let it shine ! All these things and more from your number ONE source for news and entertainment on Stigler’s South Broadway. DJAMMin’ it weekly, if not weakly. Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan ! BE SWEET !!


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