DJMM 2-18-2017 Vague Vendetta

DJMM 2-18-2017 Vague Vendetta

Remember the days when Christmas seemed a lifetime away? When it seemed like it would be a lifetime before July 4th and fireworks got here; or the days when we counted down until our 16th birthday and getting the driver’s license? Well, today was much like that for Doc and The MadMan, cuz we’ve been waiting on Vague Vendetta to show up since they’ve been a band. But TONIGHT – tonight they showed up and gave us an hour of hard talking, open book interviews that we’ll remember for a lifetime. Front rocker chick Tegan Freeman, lead guitarists Ashton, and Larry, Bassist and vocalist Stephan and drummer Brian Briscoe came through in spades. They brought school to DJAMM studios and taught us Rock Theory 101, 202, and IOU. Never had a band exemplified the meaning of the word they created: “BAM-ILY” , a band family. Join us tonight on Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan as we meet up with one of the biggest collective hearts in the business; a group whose sum truly is much greater than its genius parts. No sick, high school covers with these guys; Even their renditions of favorite tunes are their own, and their own original music is enough to make a grown man cry. And it did ! – DJAMM it, Bam it, with BAMILY tonite – Doc and MadMan Matt !

3 thoughts on “DJMM 2-18-2017 Vague Vendetta”

  1. Hi Dr. Jeffery and the Madman, this is Don Kulcsar. I’m the inventor and CEO of StickTwirl. I enjoyed your podcast and I would like to send you guys some StickTwirls and a few goodies. What is the best address?

    1. Hey ! Doc here ! We’re so excited that you’ve come out with this innovative, fun and groundbreaking product. StickTwirl is something we can get behind and promote with / for you. The fact that our friends in VV and Devil You Adore (among many others!) only underscores the value and excitement perceived by your market and supporters. Thank you for the “goodies” you sent earlier. My apologies for not responding myself earlier. It’s a wacky world in which we’re living, but OH what fun the Wack can be !! LOL ! Great to hear from you and thanks again. – Jeff “Dr. Jeffrey” Brown

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