DJMM 2-21-2019 Sweet Child of Mine

DJMM 2-21-2019 Sweet Child of Mine

Ahh… memories. When was the last time a song made you weep? Or dance ? Or Dance while weeping? What about the first time you saw a set of REAL Brass knuckles? Mmmmm… yeah. Us too… sniffle. We’re about to get emotional here… Seriously folks, MadMan and the mad Doc himself tilt toward a timeless favorite from Slash and Axle, then on to our favorite pair of brass knuckles and how to melt your own scrap metal. Then it’s the ever-puzzling rhetorical, “what’s your favorite anniversary year gift,” and just who is this guy Ellen anyways?? Sit back, plug in your earphones and enjoy what will soon become a worldwide favorite rendition of “Sweet Child of Mine”. You’ll B-DJAMMIN’ along with the big dawgs !- DJAMM-OOuuutt !!

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