DJMM 2-22-2018 Golden Throne and Fine Art Known!

What does fine art mean to you? Does it mean a particularly well crafted NBA Jersey, the stitching on a professional level NFL football; the lighting on your favorite Russell Westbrooks poster? Or perhaps is it the way the rumble of your Dodge Hemi resonates through the garage at your mother in law’s favorite beach house? Well, some folks actually do value real fine art at some of America’s finest personal private art museums. Philbrook in Tulsa and Oklahoma’s own National Cowboy Hall of Fame are a couple that capture the minds and curiosities of millions of folks every year. Doc and the MadMan talk tonight about these and other fine arts repositories, plus the Trumps’ borrowed boom bucket … in solid gold no less (that’s toilet to you banal few who ain’t near’ as cultered as me and MM is ! ). We talk about these things, country music a tad more and again revisit the importatnce of visiting our nation’s capital at least once during out lifetimes. All this and more with America’s favorite pair of talkative buddies ! DJAMM IT !!


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