DJMM 2-8-2018 Where is Mike? Where is George? Where is the Money?

DJMM 2-8-2018 Where is Mike? Where is George? Where is the Money?
Have you heard about Governor Fallin and her quest to impose a tax on mani / pedi treatments? There will soon be a $25 tax levied on each mani / pedi given in the state of Oklahoma due to the budget shortfalls, says Governor Fallin, according to spokesman Amanda Harass. “Mani / pedis are just another crutch that woman can do without,” says the Governor. “Imposing a tax on this luxury practice will help pull Oklahoma out of its budget shortfalls,” says the governor.
Okay, so it’s NOT mani / pedis, it’s cigarettes.
But let’s just imagine for a moment that it’s something that you LIKE, instead of something you don’t. Cheeseburgers perhaps? Tofu ? A bill of groceries at Whole Foods !!?? Doc and MadMan give a Tulsa tobacco vendor a chance to air his own ideas about the potential taxes on legislation on just such a tax proposed by Oklahoma’s Governor. Will it truly help that much, or will it serve to place a burden on a group of people who , by and large, comprise the lowest income classes already? Listen for a bit of insight. You owe it to your fellow Okies to educate yourself.
Also, we talk about Elon Musk’s latest publicity stunt that was “out of this world” ar ar ar… Sorry, we just can’t help it sometimes. So Tesla your reserve and blast back into the recliner while we upend, pretend, portend and commend the great man on his latest billion dollar debacle. All this, Andy Rooney and the latest pizza pie craze… for elephants! DJAMMIN it fa SHO, yanno?? – DJAMM


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