DJMM 2-9-2017 Gracie Murrell

O. M. G. … Brace yourself good people, for you have no idea what you’re in for. Take a little girl, install an angel’s voice, an impish personality, and paste on a devilish smile under a red mane and freckled face… yup, that’s Gracie. Who better to belt out a classic from The King, than The undisputed Queen of Okie Tusk, Gracie Murrell. This ornery model student favored DJMM with her cherubic pipes and “dorky” personality tonight, singing four, no,… five (?) songs including “Hallelujah” and an old fave from The King himself. We caught an entire hour from the soon-to-be famous high school Junior from Stigler. She played Matt’s funky 70’s era StyleUhPhone, an accordian, her Fender acoustic and was eyeing our Groovy 60’s Yamaha Party Master organ in the corner. If you need a laugh, or a dozen, pop in for musical one-hit wonder with Gracie’s sweet, angelic tones. Tonight on Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan. DJAMM-It. Say Hello, Gracie !

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