DJMM 3-9-2017 Trump VS Trump

DJMM 3-9-2017 Trump VS Trump

Who was it that said that rules were made to be broken? Well, we’re not sure, but The Donald has to carry a sampler in his pocket with that embroidered on it ! We LOVE the new Prez and want him to succeed, because that will mean that the USA is thriving. However, we just can’t ignore the Twitter clinkers that the Commander in Chief has dropped lately. Talk about… wow.

So, MadMan and the Doc decided to take an episode to talk about Trump’s First Fifty. We know that the press generally likes to gab about the first hundred, but there’s JUST TOO MUCH in the first half to ignore ! This guys is not only his own best friend, but… well… you know.

That being the case, the title we cooked up says it all… wanna understand more just tune in… DJMM OUT!

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