DJMM 4-20-2017 Need we say more?…Yep!

DJMM 4-20-2017 Need we say more?...Yep!

“What’s the deal with 4/20 anyway?? On the date that’s become synonymous with smoking the five fingered leaf, MadMan and the Doc check out where the four and twenty allusion came into being and how just exactly it became “shorthand” for pot heads everywhere. Although the origins are spurious at best, the Dynamic Digital Duo take a peek at the various definitions and claimants to the ‘real’ meaning… although the people who actually came up with it are probably just too stoned to remember. BUT… one thing that we DO remember is… pot IS still illegal in Oklahoma, and it’s NEVER a good idea for anyone under legal drinking age to partake in anything that’s meant for grown ups. In fact… most of the grownups we know probably shouldn’t dabble in intoxicants either ! We also examine some unlikely birthday babies who might surprise you with their 4/20 birth dates; as well as a few things that have happened on or near the infamous unofficial Sweet Leaf Holiday. Check out our wise warnings of abstinence and the strange connections to the Pot Head’s National Arbor Day. Tonite, or DJAMM !

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