DJMM 4-21-2016

DJMM 4-21-2016


A 3-D Printer for the public… in STIGLER?? WHAT WHATTT??. Yup, you heard it here first. On tonite’s Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan,  we bid a sad and all too soon farewell to pop icon Prince. But moving ahead in the full speed ahead spirit of this music legend, we also welcome  Kameran Huggins who fills us in on the dynamic growth and ultra cool happenings at our local “knowledge center”, (Better known as Stigler-Haskell County Public Library). NOW HOLD ON ! Before you skip this one, you owe it to yourself to find out really what is going on at what has become the best kept secret in the area. Yes, we’re getting a 3D printer that we can all use for FREE ! Learn about new buildings, meeting centers, game activities, charitable clubs who give to cancer and convalescent homes, and SO much more. You’re missing out if you don’t check in on this week’s Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan. Peace-IN ! – DJ and MM

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