DJMM 4-5-2017 May the 4th be with you!

DJMM 4-5-2017 May the 4th be with you!

Some stories live on forever. Certain urban legends, myths and downright prefabricated lies take on lives of their own. They capture our imaginations and in the case of some friends, overtake their conscious minds at the cost of reasonably accepted theory. What’s your favorite ghost story? Do things go ‘BUMP’ in the night around your place? What about the things you can’t explain, but certainly expect might happen? Doc and MadMan take a look at the theories round unsolved mysteries like Area 51, BigFoot, various assassination plots, the Big Book of Secrets and various other conspiracy theories. Tune in with us to check out what the Rothchild family might REALLY be worth, or the secrets that were divulged to Orange Don, O’Bama and Slick Willie alike. Check us out this week, DJAMM it !!

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  1. I’t would be nice to see a live feed, during your podcast. I would like to ask, correct, add to or simply say yeahhh that’s right.
    Thanks for the entertainment.
    ‘Ole man’

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