DJMM 4-5-2018 Never been to Spain

DJMM 4-5-2018 Never been to Spain
Music, mayhem, marvelous men making… something alliterative with “m”. It’s DJAMM on the scene talking about local politics, state teacher questions and just good folks with good intentions. Who’s your favorite Oklahoma songwriter? Ever year of Hoyt Axton? What about Mae Axton? Okay… Dr. Suess then? Well, Suess isn’t from Oklahoma, but at least we’ve all heard of him, right?
Madman Matt and The Dawk spend a solid hour covering some old favorite songs made rich by Three Dog Night and other snippets from the Great American Song Wheel !
But WAIT ! THERE”S MORE ! MattMan favors us with a seldom revealed glimpse into his own private reserve of original instrumentals ! He’s the real deal, friends and neighbors, so tune in, tap in and turn on. We DJAMMIN it fa SHO, on this Show !! -DJMM


2 thoughts on “DJMM 4-5-2018 Never been to Spain”

  1. Okie songwriter….what about The Flaming Lips. They are self professed to be to OKC what the Greatful Dead is to San Francisco. Sadly, no one in se Oklahoma has heard of them. They support OKC by playing the city as the ball drops each New Years Eve. AT ONE moment in time they had state Rock song of Oklahoma until Fallin stripped them of that, even though they bring much to our economy. Anyways if you gander past the well-known Okie artists and favs, check them out. “Ego tripping at the gates of hell” is a big favorite of ours. But give them their due credit and OK a slight sense of cool.

    1. Love “the Lipps” ! We’ll do a special on them. See if we can get them on the show. How’s that for an artistic nod? Grammy winners !!

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