DJMM 4-6-2017 Diamonds and Vacations

DJMM 4-6-2017 Diamonds and Vacations

If diamonds are forever, and forever is longer than always, then do you walk to school or work in the cafeteria? MadMan took a fascination with the Hope Diamond and Doc took a zig when he should have zagged, then missed the Mona Lisa at the Star Spangled Banner.

But seriously folks… DJMM takes a gander at the greater and finer goose sized diamonds in the world today. Pink, Blue, Fine, OH so fine or Incomparable, there are a bunch of diamonds in the world today. We talk about the Crater of Diamonds State Park which is just a four hour drive from here and the possibility of finding a fortune in gemstones there. Liz and Rich had a big one – diamond – and she wore it everywhere. From the eyes of idols to the ideal of millions tune in to DJAMM tonight to talk about these marvelous marvels of nature. DJAMMin’ it tonite !!!

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