DJMM 5-11-2017 Dream a little Dream

Birds singing in a sycamore tree… dream a little dream of… pee?? TOO-nite the Doc and MadMatt key in on a crucial ability that all intelligent beings share. NO, we’re not talking about understanding the Beverly Hillbillies and their jokes. We dream, don’t we? We talk about those self contained little mini-videos that play inside our brains each night when we slumber. If they’re bad, we call them nightmares. If they’re good, we call them Hollywood. MadMan shares his childhood skeleton mind-plays while the Doc squawks about barbed wire, pearl necklaces and billion dollar breakfast sausages. PLUS we talk about the friends of our youth, chocolate candies from M and M and the upcoming possibilities of an Equinox TWO… give or take a Nox ~ ~ ! All this plus Andy Rooney and Paul Schaeffer on DJAMM, D-jamm-IT ~~~ !!

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