DJMM 5-12-2016 Rock & Roll Special

DJMM 5-12-2016 Rock & Roll Special

Do we ROCK OR WHAT?!?! Tonight’s tne debut of a new series! it’s our first edition of Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan Rock and Roll Medicine Show! we are thrilled to have Katya, a hot, up and coming metal maven from Hollywood to share her story, aspirations and ideals with us. She talks about her rise to prominence in the world metal scene and upcoming tours, songs and promised to release her new single RIGHT HERE on DJMM next summer!!!

Not to be outdone, local headbangers The Devil You Adore come into the studio to give us the rundown on their newest work, exciting news on their popularity in the American midwest and overseas. But perhaps best of all, they’re taking the stage at the internationally recognized Heavy Metal rockffest Rocklahoma! These Stigler, Oklahoma boys have hit the big time and the haven’t forgotten their roots.

Don’t miss this one,or you’ll never forgive yourself! – DJMM XOXOX

4 thoughts on “DJMM 5-12-2016 Rock & Roll Special”

  1. Hey Fellas! Julie Pendley from Bridging the Gap – thanks so much for the shout-out! Also thanks for reminding everyone to PLEASE BE SAFE GOING HOME!! Our site is — Great show! I really enjoyed it 🙂 Travesty and the gang of The Devil You Adore are Angels – everyone one of em 🙂 Love and light my bruthas!! xoxoxox – jp Yall come see us at ROCKLAHOMA!

  2. Love all of u! Thank you for reminding people to be safe & for plugging Bridging the Gap Search Team! This years Rocklahoma will be bitter sweet as we come onto the 1 year anniversary! I think the boys, Ben & Cody would want us to all go & enjoy the music!

    1. We are very excited about our hometown Rocklahoma band and will be mentioning Bridge the gap again! Thanks for listening!

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