DJMM 5-28-2019 episode 194 Midnight Special

DJMM 5-28-2019 episode 194 Midnight Special

The witching hour, you say? P’shaw ! Let that ever-lovin’ light shine on me ! Although this song was about a train, in part, Doc and MadMan re-sect the Creedence classic, only to learn that it’s an OLD, old blues song with roots deep in the sweltering south.

MadMan and the Daft Doc discuss at length the unexpected historic flooding in Eastern Oklahoma. Hundreds of thousands are people are displaced or completely homeless, having lost all they have worked an entire lifetime to attain. Interstate 40 was re-routed through our lovely town because the main artery was closed due to the flooding. Brings back memories of the I-40 bridge collapse due to the barges ramming it in 2002. The roads disintegrated overnight. WOW !

A short tip to the Mudlarks of this year’s Rocklahoma and the trillions of brain cells which must have died painful deaths. What a mess !

Stick around for a great night of occasional banter, a laugh or three and a halfway glance into our own polluted perspectives. WE BE DJAMMIN’ !

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