DJMM 5-3-2018 Horse with no Name

Well,… remember the last time you had an off-day? When you just couldn’t get the words to your favorite cover song to come together? When it was getting too late to play a regular podcast, so you put together a great one just by telling favorite stories? No?! Welll,.. um… US NEITHER ! LOL Tonight MadMan Matt Mayo and the Mad Doctor himself take a gander at old stories they may have forgotten about themselves. Stories about dirty birds doing dirty things to ill mannered spouses and the like ! Also look to uas for another insertion of a favorite cover of “Horse With No Name” by America… but this one’s from DJAMM ! Take an hour to relax and listen to our greatest hits, our favorite stories and some lemony snack wrappers ! We be DJAMMIN TONITE !!


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