DJMM 5-31-2018 Chug-A-Lug

DJMM 5-31-2018 Chug-A-Lug
“It’s time to play the music ! It’s time to Chug-A-Lugg ! ” What could be more wholesome than Roger Miller and the Muppets? Why, a song about under age drinking would, of course ! Okay… maybe not… but lots of us had our first taste of the forbidden tonic at an earlier than legal age. Roger gave us a glimpse into what those years were like when alcohol wasn’t bad for your, and it was funny for school kids to take wine to the FFA trip.
Or… maybe not. 😕 At any rate, Doc and the Madman ding out a ditty about just some things in the Roger Miller classic, “Chug a Lug”, … or at least the DJAMM version of the hit from 1964. We talk about the Muppets, Past Nearest Present, if not the Future of the greatest ensemble of animated bath mats and pingpong balls ever assembled. Although Jim Henson has been absent from his creations for some decades now, his legacy and spirit thrive in the form of those funny, fuzzy and often funky characters the world loves ! Which Muppet is your favorite?? Find out which ones made the DJAMM Hall of Fame ! WE BE DJAMMIN’ ON SESAME STREET, A’ LA SOUTH BROADWAY, STIGLER-STYLE ~


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