DJMM 6-1-2017 Stigler Chamber and other things!

Do you remember the first place you ever water skied? What about where you heard your first live music? Or participated in your first bona fide terrapin race? Well, for some of us, it all happened right here in this small town… perhaps on the one famed weekend every year ! Stigler’s Reunion Days doth approach As Shakespeare might have said, and Chamber of Commerce exec Jan Williams joins DJ and the MM tonight to catch us up on the wheres, whos, hows and whens of this year’s shindig. She also touches upon the upcoming infrastructure improvements such as the renovation of Stigler’s Main Street; the new Veteran’s Memorial Plaza on the Haskell County Courthouse lawn, and other important events in our area. Janice also takes a moment put to rest some persistent business rumors, as well as offering a great deal of hope and exciting news about what’s new and what’s next. Doc and MadMan also take a few minutes to talk about the D-Day invasion now more than seven decades past, the death of rock legend Gregg Allman and last week’s Memorial Day celebrations and all that they mean to the USA and our world. Join us for all of this, new talk of reviving Odie’s Ghostly Oldies and plenty of giggles, goofs and gargles that follow with the dynamic duo of dinking around. DJAMM IT TONITE !!!

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