DJMM 6-11-2010 episode 196 imaginary lover

It’s Reunion Days weekend in our neck of the planet, but that doesn’t stop us from cavorting with Hell’s Angels in Monterey, CA ! MadDude and the Doc revisit some old tales of partying with the Hell’s Angels in a California broccoli patch. More talk of disc golf, terrapin races and such high brow pastimes as to make a stuffed shirt positively FLUTTER ! Lend us an ear when we talk about beer, even though neither of us drinks a drop of it. lol We’re trolling up on 200 episodes, dear Devoted and Gentle Listeneers, and we’d like to say we do it ALL for you. But we actually do it for ourselves, so that would be a lie, wouldn’t it??!! Dr. Jeffrey and the Madmann DJAMMIN’ TOOOO-NITE !

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