DJMM 6-2-2016 Gorillas, Odie’s Ghostly Oldies and Great Banter

DJMM 6-2-2016 Gorillas, Odie's Ghostly Oldies and Great Banter

Well, Memorial Day is behind the staff at DJMM and a half billion stories could be told about it… but why listen to THEM, when we have something SO much more interesting on the books !? Tonight, MadMan and the Doc squawk about the weather, rock and roll, gorillas taken before their times and do a quick turn through the Vinyl Vault. That’s right… tonight marks the return of Odie’s Ghostly Oldies. It’s a good review of the first five months of ’16 and a hint of the exciting things to come for the Boys on Broadway (in Stigler, that is!) Join us for some great banter, solid laughs and a wry perspective on the world as it races around us… trying to understand itself. Seeya there ! – DJ&MM

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