DJMM 6-25-2019 episode 198 When I’m 64

DJMM 6-25-2019 episode 198 When I'm 64

“When I stay out ’til quarter to three, will you lock the door?” We’ve all said it. Sneaked in late, trying not to make any noise and wake anyone. Only to trip over the rug, step on the cat and break a glass all in one fell swoop.

Doc and MadMan continue on their journey through the Great American Songbook with this beetles classic, followed by talk of Alligators in the Arkansas river (IT’S TRUE !), songs of the Equinox and the good folks who keep Roye Park clean, safe and functioning. Hang with us for regular banter on the state of the area, State and country. We be DJAMMin” !

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