DJMM 6-29-2017 4th of July

DJMM 6-29-2017 4th of July

Fireworks, ice cream, fried chicken and watermelon hunks at Granny’s on the Fourth… are you feeling Patriotic? Well, WE ARE !! Okay… let’s see a show of hands: How many of you remember SchoolHouse Rock on Saturday mornings, ABC cartoons? What about ” I”m Just a Bill “, What about the Preamble to the Constitution? Can you SING it?? WE Do and We CAN !!

Doc and the MadMan stage a special presentation of Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan to salute those who decided that enough was enough, and declared our country AS a country, free and Independent of Great Britain. We decided that it was high time that someone read this out loud for everyone to hear, and to try to understand the basic reasons that the ideas and tyranny of Mad King George had to go.

Doc takes a turn at reading the Declaration of Independence as it was penned by a group of revolutionary thinkers and do-ers 241 years ago on July 4th, 1776. We take a stab at all the things that spawned the current age of Guerilla Marketing. Take a moment and hear those words as our forebears set them down. You’ll feel prouder, better, stronger as an American. And if you don’t, we’ll give you ALL your money back. That and Bicentennial Chebby Novas; Red, White and Blue oil lamps and more this week on Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan. Happy DJAMMin’ on the FOURTH !! -DJ and MM

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