DJMM 6-4-2019 episode 195 : D-Day and Delta Dawn

DJMM 6-4-2019 episode 195 : D-Day and Delta Dawn

“What IS that flower you have on??” How many times have we asked that question, you say? Doc and the MadDude axx it just once more in this tribute to early 1970s country and pop. MadMan shares his rich OKC airshow experience with Doc and our good friends who listen in. An unforgettable performance by the Blue Angels rocked his socks along with Mrs. MadMan and MadMia bookending it.

Doc fires back with a story about an unexpected encounter with two F-14 Tomcats… while sitting in a CLASSROOM ! Old experiences come forward with tales from Airbases Past. Climbing roses, ‘maters ? We’re trying ! Stick around for what Tanya Tucker and Helen Reddy couldn’t accomplish with five million singles as the Daft and Deft Duo manage with their own brand of penache and flatus. Join them on this randy romp through the Oklahoma Hills with another perspective of contemporary culture. Dey be DJammin’ it fa SHO!

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