DJMM 6-9-2016 Reliance Code Special

Will wonders ever cease? WE hope not ! Tonite was a very special night on DJAMM, first we kicked it all off with our favorite guest DJ, Uncle Gray the Mystery DJ, who hit us with some of his favorite vintage platters and talked about where life is leading him. As if that wasn’t enough, we were favored with the presence of a dynamic cast of burgeoning stars, aka, Reliance Code. The homegrown rock band from our hometown consists of Chris Law, Josh Roach, Cody Peebles, Todd Falconer, and Shane Diego. The energetic bunch opened up to us about the new face of indie rock, the trials and sacrifices involved in assembling and keeping a band together; THEN as a bonus, they dropped a FIRST-EVER public performance of an acoustic version of their crowd favorite, “I Just Wanna Be Me”.  We also play their studio track Fight For Life! It just KEEPS getting better folks. If you’re missing us now, you’re missing OUT ! Peace-In, Dear Listeners ! -DJ & MM.

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