DJMM 7-14-2016 Artifacts & Rock the Equinox Special

DJMM 7-14-2016 Artifacts & Rock the Equinox Special

What is the meaning of Life? Well, Doug Adams tells us that the answer to Life is 42, whatever that means, but that sounds like as good an answer as any. However, tonite MadMan and the Doc discuss the origins of stone tools, locally sourced arrowheads, the constellations, planets and the moons. Heck, at times, they even sound downright philosophical.

Join these two as the take a thoughtful and interesting stroll through their feelings on archaeology, paleontology, astronomy and several other things they wish they knew more about. Europa, Io, and Calisto? Not just the names of some great Argentinian soccer players.
DJAMM also starts the first promos for the end of summer rock show to be held at Lake John Wells ! To be sure, Rock the Equinox is going to be an event to remember, with hopes that it helps establish a new series of concerts in our fair region.
Don’t forget Saturday with Partnering for the Park at Roye Park in Stigler, where an evening’s festivities will include live music, games, drawings and a golf ball drop – all centered around the NEW PAVILION ~! And if you’re feeling extra froggy, jump on into a 3-on-3 roundball tournament at the new basketball courts. Doc and MadMan get to be part of this well planned and benevolent day. Countless people have chipped in time, effort, elbow grease and brainpower to make it all happen. Come out and show your support for our beautiful park and its future here.
WOW! All that’s happening in Stigler??
Folks, you have no idea.  We’re just getting started !
– DJAMM, Rocks the Equinox

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