DJMM 7-2-2019 episode 199 This Land is your Land

With all fun and joking in its place, MadMan and the DaffyDoc Do enjoy the flash of firework and the smoke of spent gunpowder cloaking the pastures and hillsides. We eagerly anticipate the days when ground tremblors brings the report of the charges spreading across the open country.

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY ! We decided to reach into the folk vault and found a classic by Woody Guthrie. And as with most of the tunes we craft, we spun it into our own fusion of Country, Pop, Jazz and Blues and called it Okie Tusk !

Join us tonight as we once again begin to solve the issues surrounding our crowded minds and insulting our collective intellect. We’re so sharp, we didn’t even realize we’d chosen a patriotic song for the Fourth ! 😀

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