DJMM 7-4-2018 Happy Birthday USA

Happy Belated Fourth, DJAMM Patriots !! Tonite, MadMan Matt and Dr. Jefe talk a little about this one thing, and that other thing. And then there’s THAT thang… perhaps they sing… perhaps they sang… perhaps they do that other THANG! There’s quite a bit of talk about food, again… and sweets, and how peppers can make a body think and the mind race. We talk about dogs and the things they do, and different ways we choose to turn ourselves back to the earth. Hoyt Axton, Three Dog Night and how bands get together, perhaps stay together, but probably don’t. We visit a bit about eclectic folks, that one dude, Mexican food, and why we should keep our animals outside…All this and why we should keep our animals fed and OUTSIDE, ‘specially if we’re feeling just a little under the weather. SO much more, but DJAMMIT with it all ! DJAMMIN’ TOO-Nite !!!

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