DJMM 7-6-2017 Washington DC

Have you listened to the strains of the Marine Corps band while watching the sun set over the Potomac? What about seeing the perfectly sorted group of Marines who guard the tombs of unknown American heroes? Or watched the President and his family land on the lawn of the White House while you’re sipping a margarita on the roof of the Hotel Washington… ? Hmmm… ? DUDE!! Doc and the MadMan decided to take a virtual tour of Washington D.C. and walk down the memory trail, when Bill and Hillary ran the show and flip phones were ALL the rage ! Take an hour of your valuable time and listen to our banter about our nation’s capitol. We also talk about our visit with one of the great names in college baseball and our privilege to write and design his biography. Enos Semore: A Man from Red Hill is available through Stigler News Sentinel or Betty Hope Moore. Listen to our show and get the numbers ! DJAMM it the week after July Fourth. We got it going on!! D and MM.

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