DJMM 8-16-2018 Tusk Mandu

DJMM 8-16-2018 Tusk Mandu
Imagine if you will… an event of time an place so important, so high profile, that you’d never live it down if you missed it.
NOW… imagine you missed it.
LASTLY… Imagine that you were Pavarotti and the event you missed was the Grammy Awards… and that your friend filled in…
And your friend was Aretha Franklin.
And she KILLED IT !!
The song … YOUR song.
Tonite we talk about that event and feat that Lady Re’ pulled off now some twenty years ago, and live through some of the mighty MIGHTY songs she left us with. What a legacy.
Also… and WHAT an also… Doc and MadMan produce and Pro-Duce a rendition of certain songs so wonderful as to make you, Gentle Listener, weep with joy and elation.
It’s good. It’s funny. Listen to it.
All this along with forty minutes of sage sideshow banter on everything from Blue eyed pigs to white lipped motorcycle riding.
We be DJAMMIN’ it tonite, with Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan !

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