DJMM 8-17-2017 Red Herring Politics and Failed Toys

DJMM 8-17-2017 Red Herring Politics and Failed Toys

When you cross a Red Herring with a stretchy-snake and cap it all off with a bronze statue bound for the cemetery… well, there’s bound to be a solid joke in there summerz’… or some where’s ! MadMan charges Doc with the challenge of reaching back into their respective childhoods on the anniversary of Doc’s six-tuple heart bypass surgery, praising his Maker, friends and all the folks who held up prayers. On a lighter note, Six Flags the multi-legged calf has found a happy home on the road with a traveling family show. Who knows? She’ll probably be the first many be-legged bovine to brave the beaches, bars and bright lights of the big cities in North America ! We gape and gander at our orange haired leader as he barks and bloviates on every subject from the “very fine people” of the less-than-savory groups who holler about keeping Civil War statues and the funky haired Supreme Leader of the Noff Korean peninsula.
We look at these things, the failed toys of yester-yore and various and assundried thangs that make our days worthwhile on this fine planet.
Join us as we DJAMM it another night, another week, another round of double-speak ! Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan ! YOWZAHHH !

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