DJMM 8-24-2017 Chasing Extreme Totality

What rhymes with “Bunceton” ? Well, MadMan and Doc arent’ sure, but they’re sure of one thing: it’s a Missouri town that’s full of fine folks, a wonderful old mansion and was directly in the Path of Totality for last Monday’s eclipse. Come hang an ear on your favorite dudes’s podcast as Doc relates the magical time during the Extreme Totality Excursion with friends Mike and Pam Fio. MadMan spent the time with the good folks at Stigler Printing, taking a few moments for himself on the Haskell County Court House lawn. The Cosmic Cowboys of South Broadway talk about controversial statues, local bidnezzes and the new Main Street surfaces. We talk about sports bikes, nature hikes and pipe dream about a half billion powerball birthday present. We’re wound up tight on this 99th year eclipse-cast. Tonight we be DJAMMin’ with 80 moon related songs and gasp in awe over a phone video at the Ozzie MoonStock concert in Illinois. Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan, your fellow travelers on this mudball spaceship headed for GORK. DJAMM !!!

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