DJMM 8-31-2017 New School Days Frisbee Golf Craze and “How High’s the Water Mama!?”

DJMM 8-31-2017 New School Days Frisbee Golf Craze and "How High's the Water Mama!?"

DJAMM wonders aloud tonight: Is it Deja vu all over again if you, “…kiss an angel good morning, and love her like the Devil ’til you get back home… ” ? While it’s undoubtedly true that Yogi Berra and Charley Pride both had square and ideas about the angels who shared their lives, Doc and the MadMan talk tonite about different brands of angels that they’ve heard of, experienced and wish to see once, once again or just cross paths with. From the kinds who rescue neighbors and strangers suffering from floods, hurricanes and storm surges, to the brand who watch over us and are sent by a Higher Power to make sure life is good on this spinning speck of dust and water we call home. We also touch on the realities of our own ponderances, the differences in our value systems and why it feels so real to talk about something so abstract. Send us an angel… RIGHT NOW !! Call us with your angel experiences. DJAMM, is rockin’ tonight !! Doc and the MadMan LOVE IT !

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