DJMM 9-14-2017 School Bond, Bugs and Other Things

DJMM 9-14-2017 School Bond, Bugs and Other Things

Hang on to your collective hat this week well wishing listener; DJAMM has a blues song dug from the smoky, Okie archives of blues legends, “Jumpin’ Dog” Asoka Mayo, and the tragically tuned tonsils of Bill “Horseapple Willie” Long, to hear The School Bond Blues.” This crackly, echo-some platter hits home with some of the same issues our community faced in the last weeks. You can’t afford to miss it.
DJ and the MadMan also touch on the beautiful bugs of Oklahoma and confirm a long held folk legend about katydids and Plantar’s warts. Black humor horror and B cult movies round out the menu for tonite’s tunesome tribute. Seriously tho folks. Doc wails on some improv blues while MadMan TEARS UP the acoustic that lives with Ghostly Odie in our own blues studio ! Keep and open mind and a good sense of humor for this one, folks ! It’s liable to to viral ! Good Evenin’ ! – DJAMMin’ foa Shoa !!!

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