DJMM 9-21-2017 Whats Going on Stigler America!

DJMM 9-21-2017 Whats Going on Stigler America!
An orange cat with a Frisbee fixation. Pastries on Main. Concerts at the lake… does the fun never end in this town?? Doc and MadMan split the atom tonight and find the recipe for eternal life… wait…. that’s next week.
This week we spend some time at the re-vamped Roye Park where a new 9 hole disc golf course was recently installed. Fanciest think I’ve ever played upon, and I’ve been darn near to Enid ! We give the rundown before sundown on the sponsors for the Rock the Equinox concert on October 7 at our own under-sung swimming hole, Lake John Wells. Find a way to do those things before next week, or you’ll … be one who didn’t. lol
Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan are DJAMMin !


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